Guess How Much Money Tyga Owes The IRS ??!!

Nothing good ever comes out of ignoring Uncle Sam! These celebrities really need to learn the importance of paying their taxes. Tyga reportedly owes the IRS 100,000! It’s ironic because thats close to the amount he just paid to decorate his new Los Angeles store ‘Last Kings’! His priorities aren’t necessarily straight! Check out the details! Jayyiah Coles According to a federal tax lien — the rapper owes $11,201 for 2009, $4,437 for 2010, and $76,008 for 2011. The total comes to $91,648 — almost the exact amount he spent decorating his brand new L.A. clothing store, Last Kings. Among the ornaments … a $20,000 Egyptian tomb. Tyga spent $120,000—which is more than he owes Uncle Sam—to decorate the Last Kings store. Also, the Maybach was allegedly $2.2M. Let’s get it together, the bill will only get bigger. Learn from the mistakes of others!! Source

Lil Wayne Owes $12Mil To Good Ol’ Uncle Sam?!

Uncle Sam and his home boys locked up Lauryn Hill – Lil Wayne is hardly safe. Hit the jump for the details on the $12Mil debt is in.

Uncle Sam Sets His Eyes On Keyshia Cole

Time for Keyshia Cole to get her mind right and her money right, or she’s going to have to be ready for war…for her own property. According to a lien filed in Georgia on November 25 of 2013, Keysh owes a total of $162,158.93 to the IRS for back taxes in 2009, and she needs to pay up ASAP! The IRS notes on the lien that they will seize her property if she doesn’t pay off the debt. You better get on it, girl!

NBA: Dennis Rodman Still Has A Major Tax Problem

I’m pretty sure Dennis Rodman’s current trip to North Korea isn’t going to help this matter…probably made it even worse.  The Worm better pay up ASAP, because the government is quick to throw someone in jail over taxes. Hit the jump to see how much Rodman owes…

(Video) The Game Lets Us Know The Perks Of Being A Rapper!

The Game caught up with TMZ and when asked what are the top things rappers can write off on their taxes, The Game gave a very interesting list on the Perks of the rappers life style! For example, rappers can write off their “making it rain” expenses, hit the jump to learn more!

Boxing: Whoa, Manny Pacquiao Owes A LOT To The IRS!!

Yikes, this does not look good at all for Manny Pacquiao.  We knew that Pac had some tax issues going on, but this is bad.  The IRS is not someone you want to mess with, they’re quick to lock someone up! Check out exactly how much Pacquiao reportedly owes…

Boxing: Is He Broke?! Manny Pacquiao Had To Borrow Money To Provide for the Philippines’ Typhoon Relief

Damn homie!  He’s coming off a big win, but Manny Pacquiao is still dealing with a lot of drama.  Does the Pac-Man have any money left?!  He had to borrow money to provide for the Philippines’ Typhoon Relief.  This has to do with all of his IRS issues.  Yikes.  Details after the jump…

(Video) The Realness: Eliot Spitzer & Scott Stringer Talks About Running For Comptroller OF NYC!

These guys are cutthroat – that’s a politician for you! NYC, today is the primary voting day, so go out and vote for your COMPTROLLER. They control the money, decided where the money goes, and it’s all money from the tax-payers (that means YOU) so, get the guy you want in. Hit the jump and check out Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer talk to Hot 97’s Morning Show on their view-points.

Like A Boss! Al Pacino Handles His Biz ASAP!!!

Other actors be doing they little time in jail for having tax bills but not ‘The Godfather’ Al Pacino, cause he has ‘settled his debts’…literally! Jump.

Warning: Is The IRS Out To Get You?!?

Business owners all over the U.S. have been getting bombarded with letters from the IRS that seem to have everyone in a frenzy. These letters are asking if they have been properly reporting all of their cash income because apparently, the IRS feels that these small businesses aren’t being truthful about how much $$ they’re ACTUALLY bringing in. Could the IRS be purposely targeting small business owners?

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