#MusicStillMatters New Music: Zoey Dollaz Ft. Future – Taxi

Here’s one of the two cuts featuring Free Bandz leader Future on that new Zoey Dollaz mixtape! To listen, download that Funk Flex App for iOS & Android below for free.

(Video) Elderly Woman Takes A Brick To The Face

A female passenger in her 70s sustained a fractured skull when gang of people threw bricks at the Birmingham taxi she was in, her driver claimed. West Midlands Police is re-appealing for information on the attack, which also saw seven cars damaged during a vandalism spree.

Cab Driver Gets Sued For Refusing To Give Al Roker A Ride!

This just goes to show that racism is alive and kickin’…smh! Popular weather man Al Roker and his son were denied a ride from a taxi driver in NYC due to racial reasons. The same driver ended up picking up a white man only a block away, causing a huge issue for obvious reasons.

NYC Taxi Driver Fined $25,000 After Refusing To Pick Up Black Executive And Her Family

A NYC taxi driver has been fine $25,000 after refusing to pick up a black executive and her family. The judge slammed driver Baqir Raza with $10,000 in compensation to Cynthia Jordan and a $15,000 civil fine, after he told Jordan he was off-duty and then proceeded to pick up a white family nearby. Read more below.

Caught On Tape! Four Teens Beat Up Uber Driver For Allegedly Refusing Them Service

An Uber driver was attacked in Brooklyn by four teens and they even recorded the whole incident on a cell phone. SMH! More after the jump!

Uber Passenger Claims She Was Kidnapped; Uber Claims Driver Just Went On The Wrong Route?

This might be the ultimate he said;she said, Passenger is saying the driver went all kinds or the wrong way, then went to a empty parking lot and locked the doors, which is pretty descriptive, but Uber is pretty much saying the opposite.

An Uber Driver Bashes A Passenger On The Head With A Hammer

Woah Woah Woah! According to the San Francisco Chronicle an Uber driver was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery. Find out more on the scary and surprising story..

(Photos) She Has Big Balls! Woman Arrested For Taking A $980 Cab Ride, And Not Paying For It!!!

Now, I heard of people hopping cabs before, but not a 4 hour, state to state cab ride! Denise Rebelato, 31, took a cab all the way from New York City to Massachusetts knowing good and well she didn’t have enough money to pay for it. What was she thinking? Check out the details below!

Kevin Hart, Conan O’ Brien And Ice Cube Take A Trip Around L.A!

Ever wonder what it would be like if Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and Conan high jacked your whip, took you on a ‘Ride Along’ Los Angeles, for some burgers, a corner store stop and came close to putting your job in jeopardy? Hit the jump to find out!

Mix N’ Mash: “Taxi Hustler” Sweater Made To Match Those Upcoming Taxi 12’s!

The Taxi’s are dropping this Saturday and I already know everyone is coppin’! So I found a sweater made specifically for the kicks. The Jordan 12 Taxi Hustler sweater is available now for $47 via Sneakerthreads.com. Hit the jump for more photos of both the sweater and sneakers…

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