(Photo) NBA: Is Kevin Durant Taking A Shot At Russell Westbrook With This Deleted Tweet?

I hate writing anything that remotely has to do with making it seem like there is a problem between Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook because the media has tried to do that for years. We all know these guys are good friends & support each other, but KD has to realize when he tweets, things can be taken a totally different way. Earlier this week, a fan on KD’s timeline was trashing Russell because he was a huge Durant fan and didn’t like the sudden hype Russ was getting.

(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant Calls Troll On Instagram “D**khead” After Fan Says Westbrook Is Better

I really wish some athletes would make more examples of out idiotic fans on social media to hopefully make them think twice next time they wanna troll someone. Yesterday, Kevin Durant posted a picture which he wound up quickly deleting because he wound up calling a fan a “dickhead” after he commented that Russ was better than him. KD wasn’t mad at the comment, he was annoyed it was just another person trying to drive a wedge between them and it’s not not gonna happen. Durant called him that and said who cares because they are teammates, which is 100% correct. Regardless who you think is better, they form the most lethal duo in the entire league and playoff time there are gonna be some teams in big trouble having to face OKC! Check the gallery.

(Video) NBA: Kevin Love Can’t Jump High Enough For Dunk, Cavs Bench Laughs At Him

C’mon Kevin Love, you are making us white guys look bad out here. Love has a WIDE OPEN driving lane last night against the Wizards. It should have been an easy basket, but it wasn’t, thanks to his lack of hops! Love missed one of the easiest dunks of all time and the reaction of the Cavs bench was hilarious.

(Video) NBA: Doc Rivers Denies Clippers Players Don’t Get Along, Calls Reports Lies

Reports continue to swirl in regards to Los Angeles Clippers players not getting along. The topic came up last year numerous times between Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. This season has been quiet until more recently as the Clippers started to struggle, people wondered what was the cause. Again, a report came up saying players just sincerely do not like each other and it is affecting chemistry on the court. Coach Doc Rivers wants to put an end to that theory.

(Video) NBA: LOL, Dion Waiters Gets Fed Up As Lebron Acts Like He Doesn’t Exist!

This is actually pretty funny. Dion Waiters gets fed up while trying to get Lebron to pass him the ball that he just stops moving all together. He has to be realistic though, if it’s between himself and Bron as far as making a play, Lebron is going to win that decision everyday. At the end of the day the Cavs won and everyone should be happy.

NBA: Carmelo Explains Why Nobody Helped Quincy Acy During Scuffle With Wizards

Many people noticed that when the Knicks Quincy Acy got into a scuffle with John Wall yesterday during the Christmas day game that nobody in a New York jersey came rushing to the aid of Acy, but meanwhile there were multiple Wizards players surrounding Wall basically soon as it happened. Teammates can’t start throwing punches unless they wanna get suspended, but they couldn’t at least have his back a little better? Carmelo actually spoke on what that is.

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