(Video) Black Friday Tech: Fights Break Out In Wal-mart Over Smartphones

SMH and so it begins! Only in America do we have people fighting each other over sales not even a day after we are supposed to be thankful for what we have! Fights broke out last night in Wal-mart, who even opened their stores super early to avoid this, over some smartphones. Granted the sale was really great, but pushing a shoving broke out as people tried to beat each other to the smartphone display. Watch the video below. Julie A. x TatWza

Tech Talk: (Video) Mannequins That Can Watch You Coming To Stores Soon

This is actually a smart idea! A company has begun selling mannequins with cameras in the eyes so the store can watch customers better. The mannequins will be a tool in store security as well as being able to monitor traffic in certain areas of the store, help owners see which store is a popular spot, how well displays are working and more. Watch more below. Julie A. x TatWza

Tech Talk News: HTC Droid DNA Coming To Verizon With Crazy 1080P Screen

Available on November 21st at $199 on a two year contract, HTC is bringing you a phone with a resolution you only see on HDTVs. No smartphone screen comes close to it. More after the link. Tat Wza

(Video + Audio) Tech Talk Exclusive: New Game Called “Clucks” Uses Viddy & Make Video Drawsomething!!!

I am Very Excited to Announce this, I got the word straight from Viddy, AOL has Produced a New game which directly uses the Viddy API to mesh Video and a Drawsomething like game, And Can I say, It’s Pretty Dope!!! Hit the Jump! Wza

(Video) Tech Talk Throwback: First Cell Phone Commercial [This Is What They Used To Camp Out For!]

Click below to watch a hilarious throwback video of the first cell phone commercial ever… and to think this is what people camped out for! Melissa Nash x Tat Wza

(Photos) Tech Talk News: Is This The Greatest Collection Of Star Wars Ever?

The owner of this epic Star Wars collection, Cho Wong, totally knows how to display it all. His collection is not only the greatest Star Wars collection of all time, but it could probably inspire anyone to become a collector. His whole setup is as beautiful as the items themselves. The lighting, the displays and definitely the scale of it all is not only immensely impressive, it’s insanely cool to look at as well. I don’t know how many items he has in his collection, but it’s almost too many to count. Find out more after the jump TatWza

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