(Video) Tech Talk Throwback: First Cell Phone Commercial [This Is What They Used To Camp Out For!]

Cell Phone IFWT

Click below to watch a hilarious throwback video of the first cell phone commercial ever… and to think this is what people camped out for!

Melissa Nash x Tat Wza

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(Photos) Tech Talk News: Is This The Greatest Collection Of Star Wars Ever?


The owner of this epic Star Wars collection, Cho Wong, totally knows how to display it all. His collection is not only the greatest Star Wars collection of all time, but it could probably inspire anyone to become a collector. His whole setup is as beautiful as the items themselves. The lighting, the displays and definitely the scale of it all is not only immensely impressive, it’s insanely cool to look at as well. I don’t know how many items he has in his collection, but it’s almost too many to count.
Find out more after the jump

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Tech Talk Gaming: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Gets Hardened and Care Package Special Editions


The good folks at Activation are planning to release a care package version of Call of Duty 2: Black Ops 2.  The retail price for the care package will run at a staggering $180 Only a limited number of these collector’s editions will be made, so pre-order and reserve your copy now!

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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Tech Talk Crime: Apple Store Gets Robbed By It’s Own Guard…An Ex-Cop

Apple IFWT

An ex-cop was busted in an Apple store heist..and he made how much!? Click below to find out.

Tat Wza

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Tech Talk News: NY Gov. Cuomo Wants To Help Special Needs People….Digitally??


I know with All going on, you guys probably think I’m talking about theSpecial Need McGruff has to talk to the Cops, OR the Special Need Blackie Smurf has to be Robbed at finger point(in one of the Carolinas for sure), BUT NO, This Is For the Real Special Needs People that need more than some common sense. Hit the Jump to Read, who and How!

Ok This Is Real, and All Jokes aside, I believe this is the start to Good Government Being Digital!!! Hit the Hot97 Link To Find How Exactly to Participate!!


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Tech Talk News: Things NOT Mentioned At Apple’s WWDC!!!


As I was watching a Number of Tech Blogs On How Great All Apple Things are gonna be in the next few months, And All Looks Great….Except this Burning Questions That did Not get Answered, and If you’re Not sure what those are, Hit the Jump!!


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Tech Talk News: Apple’s WWDC Announcements…All Has Been Answered!!!!


This is a Yearly Event(the 23rd Event) that has become a staple in Life, And I love it each and every year!!! Ok There is a lot of talk About ‘Map Wars’, New MacBooks, possible Siri on iPad, iTV, & of course iPhone 5 announcement!!!! Hit the Jump and See what Was Actually talked About!!

WWDC opens up with a stand up routine that seems to be pretty Funny, But let’s get to the Info!!
Attendees from over 60 countries and 112 sessions with 125 labs planned for the week.
Tim Cook Hits the Stage 1st.

There are now 650,000 apps on the App Store, 225,000 of them are iPad-specifically designed. “This compares to just a few hundred for our competition.”

“I’m very pleased to announce a new milestone for the app store. Customers have now downlated an astounding 30 billion apps!”

Over 5 billion has been paid to developers! “It’s becoming an economy in and of itself.”

32 new countries are coming to the App Store, 155 total!

“For Apple, and I suspect many of you, our goal has always been to do great work, and in doing so, make a difference in other peoples’ lives.”

“Nothing makes us happier than seeing hundreds of thousands of developers around the world using our hardware and our software to create and share their latest and greatest ideas.”

“There are such heartwarming stories out there of what the combination of our incredible devices and your amazing apps have made

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Tech Talk News: Facebook Hits The Open Market…..Are You Gonna Get Some Stock???

This has been a roller coaster event, Mad ups and Downs, But this is it, Facebook is finally a Publicly traded company, Which would essentially know make it your company, as long as you buy Some Stock, But that’s Real question, ARE YOU Gonna Buy Stock in Facebook???? Hit the Jump, let me know!


Valued at $104Billion, Facebook has become one of the Biggest IPO’s in US History, but the only way they will keep that value is IF people go ahead and purchase a piece for $38 a Pop(well it’s $40.00+ Now)….Will You get some before the Price goes up??? Take the Poll and Let Us Know!!! Then Watch some important Video after the Poll!!!!

Will You Buy Facebook Stock???



Give Me a Minute

Web Polls

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(Photos) Tech Talk Space: Check Out More Pics Of Last Night’s Supermoon!

Last night was the Supermoon and Victoria from LA sent us some dope pics of her view of the moon! Check them out below.

Julie1205 x


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(Video) Hot 97 Announces Official Summer Jam 2012 Artist Line Up!!!!

Watch live streaming video from hot97 at livestream.com
This is it, the moment we wait for every year, the Official Summer Jam line up!!!! 2012 Might Be one of the Best Summer Jam’s Of All times, see the line up and tell us what you think?? I LOVE being a Hot 97 Employee, this type of excitement doesn’t happen anywhere else!!!!!!


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