Tech Talk Rumor Is: iPhone 5 Is A Mini iPad 2!

Ok we’ve heard about this gigantic 4″ screen coming to the iPhone 5, which is allegedly coming this fall, but what you may not have heard of is what’s directly after the jump! @TatWza

Mobile Computing: What Would You Prefer Tablet, Netbook, Laptop, Or Notbbook????

Netbooks haven’t exactly popped off since Tablets(iPad’s, Xoom, Galaxy S Fam, and Much More coming) have been dominating the field, and word is what’s called *Notbook’s(see definition in Details) have def replaced netbooks, which were replacing Laptop’s and Tablet’s are replacing Everything, But We at IFWT want to know what’s your Preference(besides Beamer, Benz, or Bently). Take a look at the Latest Netbook, Notbook, Tablet, and PC after the Jump. Netbook / Notbook / Tablet / Laptop Netbook Notbook Tablet Laptop Web Polls @TatWza(Read, then answer the Poll)

Tech Talk Device: Weirdest Blackberry You’ll Ever See!!!!!!

Not sure if this Blackberry is looking to the future or the Past! the “Empathy” is the unusual outcome of a “RIM-sponsored” design project at the Art Center College of Design and says it has ability to detect the emotions of its user AND his or her contacts(Sure Buddy). Detecting Emotions like anger and joy will be displayed on a social map, colored rings indicate your contacts’ previous and current emotional states and that is to be presented on a full touchscreen that can become transparent when the phone’s not in use. Still a Button Pusher huh? Well just Turn the phone around, and you’ve got one of the ugliest looking portrait QWERTY keyboards the world has ever seen. Tech wise this phone has an inability to properly sync IMAP accounts in real time, which is not exactly what smartphone users can do without at this point in the game. From the video after the jump(which looks fake) we can’t see this in your hands anytime soon!!! @TatWza

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