Fashion: Capo Vida Inspired Tee “Catherdral Shirt”

The Capo Vida inspired tee by CapoVida is an eye catcher. The shirt is covered in a colorful design that features a pic of Capo Vida on the front. If you are looking for that splashy shirt that will give you some looks walking down the block this is your pick. The shirt is available at this very moment for only $45. This is a one sided allover print t-shirt with a white colored back. Printed on the highest quality Vapor unisex t-shirts made specifically for all-over-printing. The method of printing they used for our all over printed shirts sometimes causes small areas under the armpits to be unprinted. Please note this before purchase, as it cannot be used for a refund. This eye catching tee is still available while it’s hot, so cop yours today. If you would like to purchase you may from here. E-mail “[email protected]” for international orders outside the U.S Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “Catherdral Shirt”.

Fashion: Presenting “G3NIUS Find Yours” Tee

G3NIUS is brand ran by Michael J. Smith 20 year old from North Carolina. The meaning behind the G3NIUS brand is something that truly resonates with the owner and those in his circle. The concept shines brightly through his first release , the “G3NIUS find yours” tee , which was inspired mostly by Jay-Z and a particular motivation speech he gave at one of his concerts. When Micheal first heard it he felt the concep and it came to him instantly. The message meant everyone has Genius level talent and that you have to find that talent and work at it to the best of your ability to become great. In life everyone is better than some one else in one particular thing , field or expertise. Whether it be a sport , singing , rapping or something as simple as English or math. Everyone has their own Genius level talent , everyone must find out what that talent may be. Once you find your G3NIUS and commit to it..”you can do some amazing things”. Future products from the brand will reflect on icons throughout history who found their Genius level talent and affected their area of expertise in a special way. Michael wants to pay homage to the greats before us and motivate the youth in a new dope way. It’s about staying true to yourself and believing in yourself and your dreams and making them happen regardless of how many haters or doubters you have. The tee is by far a…

Fashion: Presenting Urbannatured “Glory” Tee

Urbannatured is a brand ran by Founder Jerlyn Cespedes, Jhonny Cespedes and Steven Gonzalez Marin all from Hartford, CT. Today, I will be presenting the very flashy and stylish “Glory” tee. The tee is featured in all black with Glory in white and then “MMXI’ on the back. The tee is so futuristic and I’m sure you all would fall in love with it. Glory is the final stage of the rebellion. It is prevailing and soaking in triumph after standing up and fighting for what you believe in. A rebellion which began in 2011 (MXXI), also when the brand was established. Glory is the conclusion to the #Trouble2013 collection. The collection represents a revolutionary uprising. In sequence each shirt, part of this collection represents an idea. It commences with the Dead Jersey. Price of the tee is set at $36. Made with high quality 100% polyester breathable fabric. Comfortable fit. This T-Shirt features the letters MMXI printed in the front, and GLORY printed on the back, with a curved bottom hem on each side. This product also includes a woven tag sewn on the bottom right; designed with our logo and City Raised Group abbreviated. The shirt is most definitely a hit so I’m sure you would want to purchase before the tee is gone. To purchase visit their official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the tee. Instagram: Urbannatured

Fashion: Son Of Sam Designs “GoHard” Tee

Son Of Sam Designs is a brand ran by J. Sammy (23) from Flatbush, Brooklyn. Today, I will be presenting his “GoHard” tee that I came across while on instagram and I felt it was an appealing shirt. Son of Sam Designs is an independent based brand out of East Flatbush, in Brooklyn. S.O.S strives to bring quality and limited edition products. The GoHard print was inspired by Mason E.Goyard.Dempilage Dupuis translates into “stacking since 1990” . The inspiration for the shirt came from Sammy’s environment and surroundings. From the slums of east New York to the brownstones in dumbo his brand represents Brooklyn as a whole and the ways in which Brooklyn influences the entire world. The brand started last year and since then has had some good success thus far. They will be re-stocking on the shirts very soon, their are still some available. If you would like to purchase a shirt you can email the owner at [email protected] The website to purchase will be up very soon. To stay more in tune with the brand follow their instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “GoHard” tee.

Fashion: Presenting Black Heart “Youth 84 T-Shirt”

Black Heart a brand ran by 19 year old Jerry Salvatore from New Jersey. Black Heart started roughly 5 months ago, the brand has had some good success so far with the Youth 84 T-Shirt which is featured in all white with the signature logo on the back And right sleeve Of a White Champion® T-Shirt. the number 84 also covers the whole back of the shirt all text in black. If you are interested in purchasing the shirt you can purchase from Black Heart’s official website. The shirts are set at $35 a piece, fits true to size and %100 cotton. I must say the shirt is eye-catching and a swank tee to style with just about anything. Once the shirts are sold out, they are SOLD OUT. So you might want to hurry up and grab yours now. Black Heart does have upcoming releases for the fall, so no worries if you can’t cop this one. I will keep you updated on all upcoming releases.The whole inspiration behind the Youth 84 T-Shirt is the youth proving that we are worth. “As a youth, I feel we aren’t presented with the same opportunities an adult may have, but our minds are just as complex and advanced. The youth have dreams and we have just as much a right to pursue them, it just takes ambition and perseverance. When people see this shirt I hope they have insight and know that anything is possible.” say’s Jerry the founder. Hit the jump…

Presenting Apparel Reserve “The Night Time Tee”

Apparel Reserve is a brand ran by Chaz L. Morgan from Maywood, IL. Today I will be presenting his Apparel Reserve “The Night Time” tees. The tee is featured in white or black and on the top reads “carpe diem” backwards. The shirts are cool something you can style with about anything and are very comfortable. The brand has had some good success so far. Apparel Reserve is inspired by the way someone dressed because of their lifestyle.The “Carpe Diem” Collection of Apparel Reserve is solely inspired by living your life fully and doing what you love to do everyday! It’s upside down so the viewer will remain inspired to do so. Chaz decided to execute this collection on garments worn in Street Fashion. Some of his style influences are Piet Mondrian, Peter Saville, The 1990’s , Michael Jordan, and Experiences of his own. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt or checking out any more clothing from the Apparel Reserve you must check out their official website. Check out the video Lookbook below. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the shirts.

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