Fashion: Presenting Maat Clothing “OG Maat Tee”

Maat Clothing is a brand ran by Nicholas Nguyen a 20 year old that has a creative mind. Today, I will be presenting his “OG Maat Tee”. Maat Clothing started last month and so far has had some good success. Nicholas say’s that he has been working with different Egyptian designs since last summer and got back into it this summer and officially started the brand just last month. The shirt is definitely a must purchase. The tee features very cool 3D Egyptian pyramids in the front in Gold that read MAAT. In place of the A their is pyramids with wings placed on the side of each. Maat Clothing is inspired by Egyptian, if you couldn’t tell already. The word itself “maat” is an Egyptian word which was the ancient goddess of Egypt that represented truth, justice, order and morality. But besides local brands inspiring him the history of Egypt inspires the brand also. If you are interested in purchasing the “OG Maat Tee” which is available in either white or black, you can place orders by email [email protected] I will keep you updated on upcoming releases and when they officially start up their website to order. To stay more in tune with the brand follow Maat Clothing on instagram. Hit the jump to check out more detailed pics of the tee.

Fashion: Presenting Lumieres By Kai “American Freedom” Tee

Lumieres By Kai is a brand ran by 17 year old Kai Nguyen from Vietnam, raised by wolves in America. Today, I will be presenting his “American Freedom” tee. He started the line about 3-5 months ago and has some good success so far. The “American Freedom” tee features a a 3D print in the front featuring a flag and on the back there is a saying “He who is brave is free”. Lumieres By Kai as a brand is inspired and based off bringing a positive image to the people, Lumières means light, enlightenment and knowledge. Kai say’s he want’s this to be the light that guides him to being a better person in general along with a better designer. Everything is being restocked as we speak and will be ready August 10th. To purchase a shirt you must visit Lumieres By Kai official website. I will keep you updated on new releases of the brand. To stay more in tune follow Lumieres By Kai on instagram. Hit the jump to check out more detailed pics of the Tee.

Fashion: Intoducing Wripped Concept® “Circle Of Darts” Tee

Wripped Concept is ran by two young guys from New Haven, Connecticut by the names of Colin & Ian. Today, I will be presenting their “Circle Of Darts” tee which I thought was an appealing piece. The shirt displays an intense 3D print on the front with Wripped Concept below. The two started the brand in fall of 2012 which was the first release date of Wripped Concept clothing. They say they have been working to get the brand out for years now, they just had to gather the right concepts and designs. As a brand Wripped Concept is inspired by the message of things aren’t always what they seem to be. Anything and everything can be broken down, damaged, or “Wripped” nothing is perfect. They take everyday objects, surroundings, areas and try to put a twist on them in anyway they can think of. Distorting something can cause you to look at it from a different perspective, and that’s what they’re trying to do with the brand. The two siblings feel like they inspire each other. When one throws an idea out then one will build off of it. They like to emphasize the fact that it’s a team effort. Great concept do you think? Everything is in stock, so if interested in purchasing a shirt from them contact Wripped Concept from Instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “Circle Of Darts” tee.

Fashion: Presenting Melange Clothing “Coogi-T”

Melange Clothing is a brand ran by 15 year old Max Sheridan from Chicago. Today, I will be presenting his “Coogi-T”. He started Melange Clothing in January of this year, so far he has had some great success. The Coogi- T is a resemblance of Coogi of course. I thought this concept was cool and creative to bring back. The Tee is based off the infamous Coogi Sweaters from the 90’s, that were seen on famous acts such as Notorious BIG and Bill Cosby. The front of the Tee features a drip effect that gives the Tee a unique vibe. The back consist of a Mèlange font made up of the same Coogi print from the front of the Tee. The “Coogi T” and Melange Clothing as a whole is inspired by Max’s love of hip hop in specifics Notorious BIG and his love for the urban culture from the 90’s. The Tee is available now on Melange Clothing official website. They will also be releasing a F/W line that I will keep you updated on as well. To stay more in tune follow Melange Clothing on instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “Coogi-T”.

Fashion: Presenting Youth Prevails “Old Wavy” Tee

Youth Prevails is a brand ran by a young man by the name of Elz. He grew up most of his life in New Jersey & Mississippi. Today, I will be presenting his “Old Wavy” tee that I came across while on instagram. The line began back in April 2013, with the first design the “Old Wavy” tee. The tee is very similar too “Old Navy” just that their is an “Wavy” in place of the navy. The inspiration came from Elz being very creative one day. He say’s one day he was bored and came across a dope vintage Old Navy hoodie online. Back home he said Old Navy was an affordable brand and his mother would buy him a few pieces for school. That’s where he formed the idea and the concept of the “Old Wavy” tee. I felt this concept was eye-catching. The tee has not yet been released, I will keep you up to date with info regarding the release date. To stay more in tune follow the brand on instagram. Youth Prevail is re-stocking as we speak the official website to order is here. Purchase your tee as soon as they drop, you do not want too miss out. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “Old Wavy” tee.

Fashion: Presenting The Delux Brand “24k Tee”

The Delux Brand is ran by three young men from Rhode Island by the names of Gibran Gonzalez, Spencer Gaye and Markus Acevedo. Today I am presenting their “24K Tee” which was first released in May 2013. The tee features a Lux Brand logo on the front and on the back a large 24 will cover with a small k and on the right sleeve their is an american flag. The Tee comes in white and black in either men or women, the women’s tee has a v-neck. As a brand the main goal for the Delux Brand is to inspire the ambition to become better people. The “24K Tee” represents gold and the measurement of wealth, luxury is what you come to appreciate and hold close to your heart rather than what society defines luxury as. The Delux Brand has re-stocked on Tee’s and their official website will be up and running on August 2nd, you can hit the link for a promo video. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “24K Tee”.

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