South Carolina Man Arrested For Planning An Attack “In The Spirit of Dylann Roof”

29-year-old Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell was recently arrested and is currently acing a federal count of felon in possession of a firearm or ammunition. The man told authorities that he planned on committing a crime in the name of Dylann Roof. As if Roof is a God.

(Photo + Video) Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani Forgets All About 911

Rudy Giuliani has some serious re-evalutaing to do. While in Ohio former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani totally forgets that 911 ever happened. While speaking on the two-term presidency of fellow Republican George W. Bush, he says that there has been no “successful radical Islamic terrorist attack” during those 8 years. He says the terrorist attacking started once Clinton and Obama came into office.

(Photo) Scary Text Messages From #Orlando #ClubPulse Victim Sent To Parents From Inside The Club

Now that the dusk has settled from the horrific terror attack which took place at the Orlando night club, Pulse; horrific details and stories of the account are starting to emerge. One of these accounts is one of a parent going through their worst nightmare. In the middle of the night a parent was awakened by a text from their child who was in fear for his life. Text messages located in the gallery after the jump.

Another ISIS Suspicion: 10 Injured In Bangladesh Temple Bombing

It’s unclear yet as to whether or not this attack was led by the infamous Islamic State, but fingers are starting to point that way as another without reason bombing occured – this time in Bangladesh. Friday it was Egypt and we all know about the unfortunate Paris incident, the havoc just seems to keep piling on and on. Read the full story after the jump.

(Video) 2 Women Arrested in “Al-Qaeda Inspired” NYC Terror Plot

Crank up the old color-coded “terror alert” meter or nah??? 2 Women Arrested in “Al-Qaeda Inspired” NYC Terror Plot after planning to detonate a bomb in the city that never sleeps. The women are reported to have been “radicalized” by extremists but the Feds say “the public was never in danger” because it was “all part of a lengthy undercover FBI operation” (SMH)…

Texas Massacre Gunman Collapses In Court

This Friday in a Texas Courtroom Ronald Lee Haskell fainted while the judge read his six murder charges. Police held him for about twenty minutes before he fell again and had to be put in a desk chair and wheeled out of the courtroom. The 33 year old suspect is going to have to listen to the mass murder charges again, including the killing of four children on his arraignment set on August 14.

While You Were Distracted By Boston, Congress Passed CISPA!

It seems like every time something huge in the news happens, congress passes something really important that we are unaware of. While our nation was distracted by what’s been going on in Boston and Texas, congress passed CISPA. CISPA is an act that allows big brother to spy on your internet use. Click below for more details.

London Terror Scare!

London got quite the scare yesterday, forcing officials, armed police, and dozens of emergency vehicles to close down both sides of a major highway. Click below to find out what happened. Melissa Nash

CIA Thwarts Al Qaeda Underwear Bomb Plot On Anniversary Of Bin Laden’s Death

The CIA has stopped the Al Qaeda forces plan to blow up a U.S bound plane. The one year anniversary of the killing of Bin Laden may have been the reason for this planned attack. Click below to find out more. Posted by–> @WiLMajor

Tech Talk Crime: NYC Investigates Possible Internet Threat From Al Qaeda!!

The war of terror might make a shift to digital. Looks like Al Qaeda may be planning some sort of digital attack smh. Hit the jump for details on the possible terror attack. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

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