Tech: Is Google Turning Their Search Results From Blue to Black??

The search engine we all know and love could possibly be making a change to the way their search results are being displayed as some users are reporting their search results coming up as black links instead of your usual blues!

(Video) Chicago Parents In An Uproar After Teacher Gives Sixth Graders A Test On Chief Keef

In addition to the traditional subjects like math, reading and science many elementary school children participate in various electives including art and music class. While some parents may find it hard to keep up with all the material that their child is learning, parents at the John Fiske Elementary School in Chicago were outraged after learning that their children were learning about rapper Chief Keef as part of their music class curriculum. Read more blow.

(Video) Driverless Cars Ready For Mass Production?!

Sh*t just got real!! Looking at this video of a test of the new system that may possibly implemented across all cars, Driving is about to be on some real iRobot business!!!

Would You Make The Cut?! Here Are “Sample Clues” From Upcoming “Sports Jeopardy” show

Last month we learned that Dan Patrick will be the host of a new ‘Sports Jeopardy!’ show that is set to air in the fall.  Well now some “sample clues” have been leaked — they’re clues that producers will use to weed out the weak during auditions. Test your skills & let us know if you’d make the cut…

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Wants To Be A Free Agent!

C’mon Melo!  Don’t do this!  I know it’s the smart thing to do for Carmelo Anthony, but for us Knicks fans — we don’t want to see this!  He explained in a recent interview that he does want to test free agency. Report after the jump…

(PHOTO) NFL: Really?! Tyrann Mathieu Welcomed To Arizona With Special Ad in Paper

Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu is widely associated with his past use of marijuana (he failed several drug tests & was kicked out of school). When he got drafted by the Arizona Cardinals last month, he agreed to take weekly drug tests.  He’s attempting to make better changes in his life. So how does he get welcomed to Arizona?!  One company took out a special ad in a local paper to welcome him. I’m sure this will continue for some time.  Check it out…

Scratch Test For Samsung Galaxy S4

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first smartphone in its series to have the Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The display of the phone is suppose to be the strongest display as of now when its released next month.

(VIDEO) NFL: Ravens’ Torrey Smith Raps With His Fiancee To Help Students

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith and his fiancee Chanel Williams (who is a 4th grade teacher) created a video to encourage Williams’ students to study for a state-wide standardized test. I just love when athletes use their status to promote a positive message! Check it out…

NBA: Kris Humphries Has Proof That He Does Not Have Herpes

Such a shame that Kris Humphries has to go through this to clear his name. SMH.  He shouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone, but I completely understand why he did this.  I wouldn’t want my name associated with the big H either!  Kris Humphries now has proof that he is herpes free.  Report after the jump…

(Video) 18 Year Old Philadelphian Passed The SATs With A PERFECT Score !!!

I don’t even know this kid, but I would like to tell Cameron Clarke that I’m really proud of him and happy for him. A Germantown Academy senior from Philadelphia has made a PERFECT score on his SATs. I remember taking the SATs and I remember SWEATING && SHAKING. Any how, one mistake could have through him all off, because while taking the test he had to go back and erase 30+ bubbles for that one wrong fill in. I would love to see where this guy will be in the next 5-10 years. Success is in his future. And he wants to go to Princeton University. #GOJERSEY. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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