Right Or Wrong?: Texas Student Suspended For Sharing Inhaler With Asthmatic Friend Gasping For Air

Indiyah Rush is a 12-year old honor roll student. Rush goes to school at Schrade Middle School in Garland, Texas. However, she may not be there long as she may be sent to an alternative school following a suspension that took place after Rush let an asthmatic friend of hers use her inhaler during an asthma attack.

(Video) A Texas Man Is Sentenced To Life For The Murder Of His Transgender Girlfriend

A Texas man has been convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a transgender he’d been dating casually. Learn more after the jump!

Actor Who Played ‘Leatherface’ From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Dies At 68

Actor Gunnar Hansen who famously played ‘Leatherface’ in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has passed away at 68 years old from pancreatic cancer. Full story after the jump.

Targeted: Texas Judge Shot Outside Her Home In Suspicious Killing Pattern

A Texas judge was almost killed last night outside her home in Austin, TX in what history assumes to be a targeted attack. Read the full story after the jump.

The Search Continues For The Drive-by Shooter That Left A Texas Judge In Critical Conditions

Over the last two years, there has been an escalating battle between the state and the people. Between police killings, accusations of police brutality and riots that happened as a result, our society is watching history repeat itself. Police in Texas are on the hunt in search for the person who shot a county judge and left her in critical condition.

Strongest Hurricane In History Hits Mexico

Hurricane Patricia will touch Mexican shores tonight. Already, premature flooding made Texas’ cars float. Experts expect many families to lose their homes. Ten millions people live in the hurricane’s path. The storm’s winds break records with 263mph recorded over the ocean. Hit the jump for the forecast.

Texas Professor Quits Instead Of Working With Armed Students

Starting in August 2016, Texas’s new “campus carry” law will allow those with concealed carry licenses to carry guns into the buildings and dormitories of Texas colleges. So, obviously there’s significant disdain for this decree by lawmakers. One opponent is a prominent professor at the prestigious university.

Court Rules Texas Voting Law is Discriminatory

The Supreme Court ruled in June 2013 that states no longer can be judged by voting discrimination that went on decades ago, a decision that argues the country has changed since the racially motivated laws of the civil rights era. The high court eradicated section 5 of the Voting Rights Act under the belief discrimination does not exist anymore. Before this decision, the state of Texas passed a voter 1D law, the strictest in the country, which could have significant repercussions for African American and Latino voters.

Texas Man Shoots Armadillo, Gets Hit In The Face By Bullet Ricochet

The Florida Department of Health has a slight rise in leprosy rates this year, so Floridians are encouraged to take precautionary measures in eschewing contact with Armadillos. It appears the state of Texas needs to mimic this action.

#SandraBland: Texas’ Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis Accused Of “Racial Bias” In The Past

The name, Sandra Bland is still looming in the air as an investigation in her mysterious ‘suicide’ continues. Her death has been labeled as an act of racism, and one of many cases where police asset their authority too much. One active participant in the investigation is Texas’ Waller County district attorney Elton Mathis, a man who is also being accused of having a history of ‘racial bias’. Reverend Walter Pendleton, a local Black pastor, reveals a confrontation he had with Mathis via a series of threatening text messages. Find out more down bottom.

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