(Photos) @GQ Covers Funk Flex’s Weight Loss In Depth!

GQ Covers Funk Flex’s Weight Loss, As a man, when GQ covers something, you know it’s something that men should pay attention to! Flex met up with GQ writers a couple weeks ago, which you know if you follow Funk on IG, on a tennis court, and Flex came geared up ready to go!!

(Photos) Oh Boy! Texts, Photos, Emails – Apparently Wiz Khalifa Was Cheating The WHOLE Time With This Girl!

This is SUCH a mess! Apparently Wiz Khalifa has been creeping with a young woman by the name of Alexis since before Amber, and then continued while with Amber, had a little break when Sebastian was born and are right back at doing their thing. The Shade Room has been gathering evidence over time – from separate photos in the same place, to photos together, to text messages, who follows who (Amber follows Alexis, so she must have known!), tweets with Wiz’s mom…it’s pretty intense! There’s also an email from Alexis herself, detailing their relationship from the start. It’s so sad, because she proudly glorifies being the side chick, and it’s women like this that will forever ruin relationships. Obviously the men are to blame as well, but this just makes it that much more worse. Check out the tea below and the receipts in the gallery. HOW do you cheat on AMBER ROSE with THAT?!!?!?! HOW, SWAY?!

NBA: Roy Hibbert Admits He Watches This Team For Inspiration & Texts Their Star Player For Advice

I don’t see a problem with this — you should learn from the best right?! Roy Hibbert recently revealed that he watches a certain team’s games for inspiration & texts with one of their star players for advice.  Can you guess who it is?! Check it out…

(Photo) NBA Jokes: LMAO!!! Texts From Wade, Bosh, Kobe & More To LeBron AFTER Announcement Leaks

Beyond funny.  I don’t know who created this, but it’s great.  It’s all jokes people — Check out what LeBron’s texts looked like after he made the big announcement that he’s going home back to Cleveland…

(PHOTOS) NBA Jokes: Chris Bosh Texts To LeBron James Leaks

This is pretty funny.  I love finding these kind of “leaked” texts and emails (it’s all jokes people).  This time it’s Chris Bosh hitting up LeBron about their free agency moves.  LeBron doesn’t respond, but Bosh just keeps with it … hilariously. Check it out…

NBA Jokes: LeBron James’ Texts From Drake, Michael Jordan & More Leak After Losing NBA Finals!

Damn, cold world!  No mercy for LeBron James after the Heat lost to the Spurs last night in game 5 of the NBA Finals. It’s over for Bron & fans are letting him have it.  These are not real texts, but whoever created this … is pretty damn funny. Check out these texts from Drake, Chris Bosh, Michael Jordan, Delonte West & more after LeBron took  that L…

NBA Jokes: Aww Man, LOL! LeBron, Kobe, JR Smith & Others Text Melo After Being Eliminated From Playoffs

My heart’s broken, but you guys have jokes huh?!  It was a sad night for Knicks fans on Saturday when my team was eliminated from the playoffs.  Of course those that aren’t fans … had jokes. Check out what Melo’s text messages looked like after being eliminated (again, this is all jokes — not real texts) — It’s pretty funny though, I laughed through my tears #KnicksTape #Knicks

NFL: Oh The Drama! Chantel Christie Exposes Past Texts From Draya’s Boo Orlando Scandrick; Draya Reacts

Drama, drama, drama.  I don’t know how some of these people deal with it.  It’s just too much for me, I can’t even keep up. SMH.  Well Chantel Christie is still trying to prove something went on between her and Draya’s boo, Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick — she’s released some screenshots of a convo she had with him last year and went on a small rant (of course later deleting everything).  My question is — why did she keep these screenshots?!  Seems a little crazy to me, but what do I know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Draya saw them & has responded. Check it all out…

(PHOTO) NFL Jokes: Ray Rice’s Text Message Inbox Revealed After Arrest

Too soon for this?!?!  I know some of you won’t think this is funny, but I also know that some of you will get a kick out of it.   It’s all jokes — these are not real Ray Rice texts.  Fans make these texts/emails up all the time after injuries or altercations. Let’s be clear though – the situation isn’t funny at all.   Check it out…

Ooh! Drake Disses Macklemore’s Grammy Text To Kendrick: “That Sh*t Was Wack”

When Macklemore beat out Kendrick Lamar in multiple rap categories at the Grammys this year, he sent a text to him, apologizing for what he calls “robbing” him. He then took it to Instagram to share it with the world, which almost appeared to be his way of deflecting any hate he was going to get for the win. Clearly, it didn’t work.

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