(VIDEO) Raven Symoné Catches More Outrage Over Opinion On High School Attack

Looks like Raven Symoné is infuriating people once again with her opinions. The co-host talked about the Spring Valley High School Assault on the talk show The View and said both the police officer and the student are to blame. SSouth Carolina Deputy Ben Fields was asked to remove a student from the classroom who wouldn’t get off her cell phone, but the situation quickly got out of hand.

(Video) A “Watermelondrea” Responds to Raven Symone; MUST SEE!


Following her discriminatory comments about “ghetto names,” Watermelondrea has shared a response to Raven Symone that is sure to have you cheering in your seat. See who she is and what she had to say after the jump!

(Video) Raven Symone Gets Shut Down By Ann Coulter On “The View”

Someone had to do it! It just so happened to be Ann Coulter who was a guest today on The View. Now remember not many people are Ann Coulter fans! Especially after she released her book Adios America, which talks about how immigrants take advantage of America’s generosity. Raven Symone caught herself trying to question Ann’s subtle racism forgetting her racist words from just last week. Watch Raven put her foot in her mouth.

Raven-Symone Attempts An Apology For Her ‘Ghetto Names’ Comment

I wonder if Raven-Symone ever gets tired of putting her foot in her mouth…. In the most recent Raven-Symone drama, The View co-host revealed that she would never hire someone with a “ghetto name.” Her comment included the statement, “I’m not going to hire you if your name is Watermelon-Andrea.” After being dragged on Twitter relentlessly all weekend and even her own father chiming in to say she says “some dumb shit” Raven has now issued a clarification of her statement a.k.a a half-assed apology… Check out what she had to say below.

(Photos+Video) Raven Symone Says Ghetto Names Will Not Get You Hired With Her

Raven Symone is known to say some off the wall remarks. We all know her to be overly obnoxious at times. She clearly has no filter on that mouth of hers.

(Video) Raven-Symone Admits To Refusing To Hire People With ‘Black Names’

Raven-Symone just says how she feels with no care in the world, so much that people are starting not to care for her either.

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