(Photo) Swizz Beats Is Now Being Sued On Car Theft Allegations

According to a new lawsuit, Swizz Beats has allegedly ripped a car leasing company out of 10s of millions of dollars. The company claims Swizz has screwed them out of a bunch of expensive whips including McLarens, Bentleys, Porsches and Ferraris. He started a car leasing company in which he used another company to help out. The company is called Metro-Gem Leasing and Funding.

Scott Disick Was Robbed Of Items Worthed Up To $48,000

Scott Disick is pretty known for enjoying the finer things in life, hence why he refers to himself as ‘Lord Disick’. Has the outlandish lifestyle of the enjoying the finer things got him in trouble amongst the people surrounding him?

So Sad…24 Year Old Man Who Was Jailed Without Bail Over $5 Grocery Theft Found Dead In Cell

24 year old Jamycheal Mitchell of Portsmouth, VA was found in his jail cell. Read more after the jump…

(Video) Safaree Bae Speaks On being Arrested For Identity Theft!

Safaree’s newest gem has taken the limelight effortlessly. Apart from being a complete bombshell, Zashia Santiago has a couple flaws as well. Zashia speaks on being arrested fr identity theft!

NBA: Idiots Steal Sneakers From Kevin Durant, Get Caught Trying To Sell Them On Instagram

NBA star Kevin Durant got paid big bucks for making 24 steals this season. But prosecutors have called a foul on two New York airport employees who allegedly swiped 24 not-yet released sneakers from his Nike collection.

(Video) Lil B Accuses Hotel Staff Of Stealing $10,000 From Him After Kicking Him Out For One Bag Of Weed!

Rapper Lil B is not a happy man and we cannot blame him for this one. He is claiming that while he was staying at the Oakland Airport’s Red Lion, they kicked him out of his room due to a complaint for a “strong smell of weed.” They told him that while he was gone, their private security raided his room and found a small bag of weed. After they told him he must get his belongings and exit the premises, he realized that he was missing $10,000 in cash. When he confronted the hotel staff about his missing moolah and said he wanted to file a complaint, he was basically ignored completely. However, he got the whole thing on tape and leaked the footage online. He even went to Oakland PD to file a report. Check out the awkward encounter below.

(Photo) Woman Steals $10,000 Worth Of Liquor From American Airlines

Woman steals $10,000 worth of mini liquor bottles from American Air lines. Juanette Cullum a cleaner at JFK had 1,429 unopened mini bottles of liquor,19 Kindles,7 iPads and 2 laptops which she admitted to stealing.

Vanilla Ice Dodged A Bullet … Theft Conviction Has Been Dismissed

Go ninja, go ninja go … I had to … Any who, Vanilla Ice was skating on thin ice and it still didn’t crack. The one hit wonder was arrested back in February after he was caught stealing a pool heater (but, why?), a bike and furniture, among other things from a Florida home he was renovating. He was then charged with grand theft (not auto, #hehe) Vanilla, although his boss says otherwise, claimed that the things he stole was on the curb. Looks like the bulls**t lie worked after all, because the non-chocolate artist from back in the day, skated on the charges. Of course there are stipulations. Find out more down bottom.

Comedian Andy Dick Arrested For Stealing A Chain!!

Andy Dick was arrested Friday night for allegedly snatching a bike riders necklace. Find out the details inside.

(Video) Woman Gives New Meaning To Laptop ‘Snatcher’

I mean if you’re going to take advantage of men that don’t pay women any mind, this is the best way to do it!

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