SMH! Miley Cyrus Receives The Worst Gift Ever For Her Birthday… Robbery!

Today is Miley’s 21st Birthday and although the notorious pop star should be out celebrating and having nothing but positivity surrounding her, unfortunately a day before her birthday, the singer’s house got broken into, hit the jump for more!

(Photo) Woman Puts Bike Thief On Blast And Gets A Happy Ending!!

A 19 year old hard working student decided to let her bike thief know exactly how she felt after they stole her biggest form of transportation, hit the jump for more!

(Photo) Mom Says WHAT To The Person That Stole Her 2-Year-Old’s Pumpkin?!

Some people can be so inconsiderate – like whomever stole a pumpkin off of a woman’s porch, belonging to her 2-year-old son, Tommy. Becky Reina had four pumpkins on her porch, to represent each of her family members but, only the one was taken. “Pumpkins get smashed, pumpkins get stolen, of course,” Becky said. “I was really just mad because it was only his pumpkin [they stole].” Believe this, she had a few choice words for the culprits. Hit the jump and check out what she had to say.

WHOA! Three St. John Students Arrested For Stealing WHAT?!

Having your phone stolen from you can cause lot’s of havoc in your life, but finding out that the thief or thieves that has your phone plus hundreds of others makes you wonder how safe technology can really be. Cops seized hundreds of stolen iPhones, iPads and iPod touches from the Queens home of three St. John’s University students. The cops were tipped by a neighbor who had called because of a home invasion in the area, and what they found would literally make Steve Job blush….hit more after the jump…

(Photos) LMAO! Man Steals iPhone Using Chopsticks?!?

In what can only be described as incredible talent, a man named Wang pickpocketed a female cyclist in China. He didn’t do it the old-fashioned way though–he used a pair of chopsticks to grab the iPhone out of her pocket as she was passing him on her bicycle! Pictures surfaced of the pickpocket, to which he turned himself in. Check out these insane photos in the gallery (and watch your stuff from now on).

Lindsay Lohan Caught Stealing S**T Again! Let’s Get It Together Girl !!!

I’m so over this chick that it isn’t even funny. You’re so broke that you have to STEAL? Come on now. You keep running in and out of court for dumb s**t, but yet you keep pulling stunts. THIS TIME, it’s being said that Lohan stole from the set of, “Anger Management“. From the guy who gave you money to assist you in getting your madness under control? Drop down bottom to see what she stole and a better understanding to CORRECT (not LiLo’s) side of the story.

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