(Photo) News: NYPD On High Alert After Militant Group ‘Black Guerilla Family’ Declares Open Season On Police

According to reports via the news, NYPD is on high alert after militant group ‘Black Guerilla Family’ declares open season on officers. Looks like the revolution just may be televised this time around. With all the drama and chaos around our nation, involving the unjustified death of citizens such as Mike Brown, Eric Graner, and Trayvon Martin, etc. Looks there may be one group in particular not interested in taking a non violent approach, adapting more of the Malcom X and the Black Panther Party sentiment from the days of the Civil Rights movement. Reports suggests that “Black Guerilla” party is threatening WHAT? See why NYPD is now on high alert inside.

NBA: So Disrespectful! Pistons Josh Smith Goes Off On Kenneth Faried!

I guess it is safe to say these two do not like each other. More so seems like Josh Smith doesn’t like Kenneth Faried. Smith fired back at Faried after he made comments regarding Smith’s game after the Nuggets defeated the Pistons earlier this week. Faried kept his talk to basketball but Smith clearly was not feeling it and held nothing back and got personal!

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Is Not Happy, Threatens To Fire His Dad, Has A Warning For Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather is not feeling his pops today after some comments Floyd Sr, made earlier this week regarding Floyd & Manny Pacquiao fighting. Floyd Sr said nothing wrong, in fact he once again illustrated how he feels Manny is no match for Floyd, but somehow his son got upset about it. He is even going as far as to threaten getting rid of his dad as part of his team, not too mention some other people as well.

(Video) NBA: Udonis Haslem Tells Lance Stephenson ‘I’m Going to F**k You Up’

Lance Stephenson was quite the antagonist as usual last night trying to get into the heads of the Miami Heat and mostly Lebron James.  Udonis Haslem decided he had enough of Stephenson’s antics and threatened him.

SMH! A Woman Threatens To ‘Shoot Everyone’ In Burger King Because They Gave Her A Stale Cinnabon?!

Who knew getting a stale cinnabon would be this serious? Well for Andrea Ann McCullough it was all the way live when she made threats to shoot up everybody in Burger King. Read more about this story after the jump…

(Photos) Nick Gordon Sends Threats To The Houston Family Via Pictures Of His Weapons

It’s pictures of mass destruction, oh no! Bobbi Kristina’s maybe-so/maybe-not husband, Nick Gordon sends out threats, via twitter to a couple of the Houston family members, after getting into a fight with one, and losing (according to reports). This is taking things a step further. Check out the jump for the details.

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