R.I.P Three 6 Mafia’s Koopsta Knicca Dies Following A Stroke

After much confusion and uncertainty thoughout the night, it has been confirmed that Three 6 Maifia’s Koopsta Knicca has passed away following a stroke earlier this week. DJ Paul first shared news of Knicca’s death late last night (Oct. 8) via Twitter, saying “Yall Back Together Brothers,” accompanied by a photo of Knicca and original Mafia member Lord Infamous, who passed back in 2013. DJ Paul later corrected his post after finding outKnicca was still breathing and on life support. Just hours later, Knicca’s death was confirmed via his official Facebook page. The statement read

To all who are concerned Robert Cooper Phillips AKA KOOPSTA KNICCA has officially left us all, This is a GREAT LOST to us all We will continue to keep him alive with his music. I loved you with all my heart Koop & ive learned alot from you . – Per Admin Toy

DJ Paul released another statement following the confirmation, where he pays tribute his “group member and brother.” He revealed they had just begun working on Devil’s Playground 2, however never got the chance to record. Read the full statement below.

What A Shocker: Three 6 Mafia’s Crunchy Black Is Having A HORRIBLE Time In Jail

A few months back, rapper Crunchy Black from Three 6 Mafia got bagged up by 5-0 for one of the most idiotic acts of crime known to man. When he was accused of trying to score some meth from an undercover cop in Vegas, he told the officer when getting arrested, “Oh damn, I was trying to buy that powder, not meth!” Shortly after, he was sentenced to 7 months in jail for basically being an idiot.

#RIP The Last Mr. Bigg Passes Away

One of the pioneers in Alabama’s hip-hop scene will be missed dearly in the South. The Last Mr. Bigg wasn’t at the top of food chain in the rap game. However, the underground scene and fans of southern hip-hop remember him well. On Wednesday morning (Apr. 28), a close friend of the Mobile rapper confirmed that he had passed away. He was only in his early 40s. Find out what happened to the emcee after the jump.

Tisk, Tisk: Three 6 Mafia Rapper Crunchy Black Sentenced To 7 Months In Jail For WHAT?!

Let’s start off by saying… cocaine is a hell of a drug. Three 6 Mafia rapper Crunchy Black has pleaded guilty for his drug bust back in Vegas when he told the cop, “Oh damn, I was trying to buy that powder, not meth!” after they had already found the drugs on him. His bitter honesty got him 7 months in the can after he pled guilty to misdemeanor drug possession. Being that he also has 6 months that he skipped out on for a prior domestic abuse charge for beating his fiancee plus the 30 days for the drug charge, he’ll be going away for a decent amount of time. A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE!

WELP: Three 6 Mafia Member Claims He Wanted Cocaine, Not Meth!

Drug use in the music industry is fairly normal, although it can either make or break an artist. Three 6 Mafia member Crunchy Black was roaming around the streets of Las Vegas on Tuesday morning when he was stopped for walking into an intersection when the “do not cross” light was flashing. The cops shortly after discovered meth on the rapper, along with two warrants he had from previous incidents. When the cops found the drugs on him, Crunchy’s response was absolutely hilarious. “Oh damn. I was trying to buy that powder, not meth,” he tells the police. Needless to say, he was booked for giving a false name and possession. Anddddddd let us not forget that just a few months ago, Crunchy was arrested for allegedly beating the brakes off his girlfriend in a hotel room. He is still a wanted man in Minnesota. Crunchy– GETCHO LIFE! Hotness.com for real.

(Video) DJ Paul On Gangsta Boo and Not Making Music With Juicy J Anymore

One of the most legendary cliques in Hip Hop history didn’t have the greatest of endings and everyone kind of went their separate ways, but one member’s “moment of clarity” speaks volumes. Hear DJ Paul On Gangsta Boo and Not Making Music With Juicy J Anymore in a recent interview on the upcoming Dat Mafia 6ix project!

Messy! Three 6 Mafia Rapper Arrested For Allegedly Beating His Fiancee

Rapper Crunchy Black from the popular group Three 6 Mafia has been arrested after he allegedly beat up his fiancee. The two were said to be in a hotel room in back in March when guests at the hotel heard loud noises coming from their room. Someone alerted the front desk and complained immediately. When an employee went to check to see what was going on, they found Crunchy Black’s fiancee locked in the bathroom. The fiancee explained she would only come out of the bathroom if CB would “stop beating her.” When the police arrived to the scene, they found a lot of blood on the furniture in the hotel room. When CB was arrested and booked, they found cocaine in his pocket– which left him being charged with two counts of domestic assault and one count of drug possession. The thing is he was a no-show in court so now he has a warrant out for his arrest. MESSSSSSSY! These rappers need to get their lives together ASAP Rocky. Like really.

(Video) Migos Respond To 2 Chainz Saying Their Flow Came From Three 6 Mafia

On his recently released track “Trap Back,” 2 Chainz took what could be interpreted as a shot at Migos, rapping, “Look at my car, how did it get on dem sixes/ This flow come from Drizzy, he got it from Migos, they got it from Three Six.” If you agree, it may not be a diss as much as it is stating a “fact.” However, the ATL trip certainly don’t agree. (Also to be noted – 2 Chainz was asked by MTV if he meant any disrespect, and he said he doesn’t but he just feels their flow comes from Memphis.) In response to Chainz’ claims, MTV caught up wit Quavo, TakeOff and OffSet for a few words…where they say Memphis is a quite a distance from their flow’s actual origin – Africa. The Migos break it down below. Do you agree?

Gangsta Boo & La Chat Gear Up For Release Of Joint Album; Talk Three 6 Mafia, Collabs & More

Female rap is alive and well – but not really in all that many forms. We have Nicki Minaj, we have Iggy Azalea…Angel Haze is making some noise – but that’s where it ends. No female has really put on for the south in quite some time, but Gangsta Boo and La Chat have teamed up to change that. On May 27th, the duo will release Witch, a joint EP led by their catchy new single, “B*tchy.” Below, the pair discuss the project, Three 6 Mafia and more.

(Photos) R.I.P. Lord Infamous!

Three 6 Mafia member, Lord Infamous was found dead last night (Dec. 20, 2013) at his mother’s home in Memphis Tennessee at the age of 40. The information came from Da Mafia 6ix publicist, Dove Clark. Hit the jump for more info.

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