(Video) Inside The Making Of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Tim Burton’s cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas is always a favorite around this time of year. So, what better time to learn about some of our favorite movie’s secrets? I’d love to know – do you consider this a Christmas film or a Halloween film? I’ve gone back and forth on this every year, but I think it’s more of a Halloween film. The film’s director Henry Selick recently revealed in a Q&A that it is indeed a Halloween film, likely blowing some minds who were convinced it was definitely for Christmas. Go inside the making of the classic Halloween/Christmas film below and let us know your thoughts!

What?! A “Beetlejuice 2” Is In The Works With Tim Burton & Winona Ryder On Board!!

No one is more excited about this potential news than me! Tim Burton and his cast of Frankenweenie are promoting the film this week together, and that includes two other Beetlejuice alum, Winona Ryder (Lydia) and Catherine O’Hara (the uptight mom, Deelia). While the three came together for a reunion of sorts (Catherine and Winona didn’t see each other while recording the voiceovers), talk of a BJ2 came up….and it was more than just random chatter. Are they with it? Find out below! Marisa Mendez

Tim Burton Says His Characters Are A Result Of Quitting Therapy

Anyone who has watched or knows of any Tim Burton can see that he might have a few screws loose somewhere. Well according to Tim, he does have a few screws loose and that’s where his movie characters come from. Tim said that instead of going to therapy, he just created all these characters and stories. Read more below. Julie1205

(Photos) Tim Burton’s Rejected Ideas For a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Float!!

We reported last month that for the first time ever Macy’s had invited famous movie director, Tim Burton, to contribute a float to its annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. So in its true nature, popular comedy website FunnyorDie, took this news, ran with it and photoshopped some funny pics of some “rejected floats” that would definitely terrify little kids at the parade! Hit the jump to see what they came up with!! Wendy L.

Balloon Made By Tim Burton To Make Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Debut!

Tim Burton is making his Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade debut this year! The movie director has been asked to create a balloon for the famous parade. Burton has created a balloon called B. Boy, or B. for short, and a story behind the balloon for the parade. Macy’s said that Burton was on the top of their list of people they wanted to have involvement in the parade and knew he was a necessity to the parade after seeing his exhibit in the MoMA in 2010. Read more and see a pic of what the balloon design is after the jump. @Julie1205

(Photo) First Official Photo Released on Set of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s Vampire Movie

Last week, paparazzi shots of Johnny Depp wearing ghostly white makeup, large sunglasses and a pulled down fedora (see above) made fans of the original soap opera form the 60’s rather nervous, as the Dark Shadows remake seemed like it was going to be a bit too strange. However, a much better shot was released today and it seems like it won’t be as strange as the previous photos made it out to be. Check it out below. Are you looking forward to this movie? Any Depp x Burton collab has always been dope in my opinion so I think this one will be too!! Marisa Mendez

Beetlejuice Sequel Finally Happening?!

This is literally my FAVORITE movie of all time. If this remake/sequel happens and it doesn’t do the original any justice, I will be out for blood, b. Word is it’s coming, though! 23 years later but still…it’s coming. Details are below. Marisa Mendez

#IFWT Wishes Tim Burton a Happy Birthday!!

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. BEETLEJUICE!! Happy birthday to one of the BEST cinematographers to EVER do it!! Marisa Mendez and IFWT

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