(Video) Dr. Dre Accepts Tim Cook’s ALS #IceBucketChallenge And Challenges…..

The other day Tim Cook did the Ice Bucket Challenge, and before he did, he Challenged a few people, and the 1st one was new Apple recruit Dr. Dre, well Dre has answered, and now has some of his own people to challenge!

(Video) Dope! Apple’s Tim Cook Challenges Dr. Dre To ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’!!!

The Big dog at Apple has completed the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ with the most style and grace, as he hit the stage and asked which he should do, get the Ice or give the money, Tim announces he’s doing both!!! How could you be mad at that, you can’t!!

(Video) Awkward! Apple’s Tim Cook Gets Outed As ‘Openly Gay’ CEO During CNBC Broadcast

Ok some of you are not going to agree with this, but as a techie, I could give 2 sh*ts if Tim Cook is gay or not, just cause it’s NOT my cup of tea doesn’t mean I or you have any right to worry about where Tim is doing with his personal time. With that being said, although Tim has the right to keep his sexuality to himself, was it so bad that this MSNBC ‘newscaster’ spoke on his preference??

Holy Sh**!!!! Apple Thinking About Buying Beats For $3.2B!!!

This would be an incredible deal!! Alegedly in the last stages of the deal and an Official announcement could be as early as next week…we are on the edge of our Seats for this one!!

(PHOTOS) Here’s What Happened At The Apple Event Today

This is it, Apple’s day, and the day the world stood still to find out about the 2 newest iPhones. I’m not sure why they didn’t stream, but at this point it doesn’t matter, The whole world is ‘Suck Apple Off’ today!! Keep updating to See what we’ve learned below!

WHOA….Apple May Do WHAT Next?!?

In response to a question from an analyst Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said something very crucial that could lead to what Apple’s next big idea or focus may be on. Let’s just say it is NOT the iWatch ..

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