MLB: Tim Tebow Signs Minor League Contract With New York Mets

Tim Tebow did not get a first class flight to major league baseball as some complained, he’ll have to work his way up and it won’t be easy.  Eight days after working out in front of 28 MLB teams, Tebow will sign a minor league deal with the New York Mets, the team announced on Thursday.

MLB: Report, Atlanta Braves Strongly Considering Making Tim Tebow A Contract Offer

This whole thing of Tim Tebow trying to be a baseball player at age 29 is a joke but apparently a couple teams aren’t laughing. Despite the fact he hasn’t played since his junior year of high school and had a tryout last week for most teams that left much to be desired with his skills, the Atlanta Braves are reportedly interested enough to possibly make him an offer.

Sports: Former NFL QB Tim Tebow Pursuing Career in Professional Baseball

Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN broadcaster Tim Tebow is actively pursuing a career in professional baseball.  According to his agents Jimmy Sexton and Nick Khan, he plans to hold a workout for Major League Baseball teams later this month.

(Video) Sports: Tim Tebow Is Not Speaking At The Republican Convention, Says It’s Just A Rumor

Reports were swirling yesterday that Tim Tebow, among others, would be giving a speech at the Republican National Convention where Donald Trump will likely receive the presidential nomination from the party. Tebow didn’t waste much time letting people know he will not be part of the convention and he’s “amazed” at how fast rumors travel. When the news first came out, there was some backlash towards both himself and UFC president, Dana White, who will in fact be speaking at the event. While Tebow said he will not be part of the convention, he does try to give somewhat of an “all lives matter” message in his Facebook video.

Trump Used Charity Money To Buy a Tim Tebow Signed Helmet

I guess we know why he doesn’t want anyone to see his tax returns.. This could just be the tip of the iceberg.

(Photos) NFL: Delta Passengers Say Tim Tebow & Crew Helped Man Suffering Heart Attack During Flight

Tim Tebow’s NFL career was short-lived but interesting.  A major factor in his popularity and/or intrigue was his devotion to Christianity.  Tebow never hid his belief in God and often spread verses from the bible.  Recently a man named Richard Gotti told a story on Facebook of an elder man having an apparent heart attack on a flight.  According to Gotti, many people tried CPR, an AED machine and more trying to save the man’s life but there was no pulse.  Tebow walked over to the unconscious man and his family, then led a group of passengers in prayer.  He also said when the plane landed in Phoenix, the man “got a pulse back.”

Sports: Republican Party Wants Tim Tebow To Run For Congress

It finally appears the days of people still thinking Tim Tebow could play in the NFL are over but people in the political world think he could put his talents to different use. The republican party is targeting him to run for congress in Florida and they even already have put together a mock campaign so he could get a feel of what it would be like.

NFL: Former Miss Universe Reportedly Broke Up With Tim Tebow Because He Wouldn’t Have Sex With Her

Well it appears that this time the woman ended the relationship because the man wouldn’t give it up.  As you know, Tim Tebow is a devout Christian and is saving himself for marriage.  Not even a former Miss Universe could detract him from his values.

NFL: Report, Tim Tebow Released By The Eagles

According to reports, the Philadelphia Eagles have cut Tim Tebow and I think I can speak for most fans when I say, “Thank God”. Nobody wants to hear the nonsense and jibberish about a third string quarterback all season long. Apparently Chip Kelly came to this senses.

NFL: The Secret Reason Why The Eagles Signed Tim Tebow

The Philadelphia Eagles offseason has seen them trade their star running back and quarterback and seen them change a majority of the roster. Something that can be seen from someone playing Madden. Chip Kelly then decided to sign the infamous Tim Tebow, which had people scratching their heads on why Kelly would make such a bold move, well, it seems he had a plan for the move the whole time in Chip Kelly fashion.

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