NFL: Former WR Titus Young Sentenced to 1 Year in Mental Health Facility & 5 Years Probation

Former NFL wide receiver Titus Young was going through a myriad of legal issues due to a DUI, burglaries, and numerous assaults.  It was clear that he needed mental help and now he will get some.  Young is getting one year of probation for each person he attacked during a 2 month rampage at a mental health facility.

NFL: Doctors Say Titus Young’s Violent Behavior & Mental Issues Are Because of Football Hits

Titus Young is finally getting the mental medical help he needs after several bizarre incidents and multiple arrests.  The doctor’s findings however point to a hot topic in the NFL right now, that the multiple blows to the head contributed to his violent behavior.

NFL: Warrant Issued For Titus Young’s Arrest After He Misses Court Date Because He’s Already in Jail!

There is a warrant out for the arrest of former NFL wide receiver Titus Young for missing a court date, the problem is, he’s already in jail for another case.

NFL: Titus Young Arrested After Knocking Out A Man

Former Lions receiver Titus Young has been arrested again.  Someone needs to talk to this guy. SMH.  Hit the jump to find out what happened this time…

NFL: Arrest Warrant Issued For Titus Young

The troubles just continues for former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young.  He skipped court for the 4th time on a 11-count case leading to an arrest warrant being issued. Details after the jump…

NFL: Titus Young Released From Jail on Bond, Faces 10 Years in Prison

Titus Young was released from a California jail late Thursday night after posting 10 percent of his $50,000 bond.  Young spent 27 days in jail after his arrest May 11 for burglary after he allegedly broke into a San Clemente, Calif., home.  Read more after the jump.

NFL: Titus Young Tried to Rob a Second Home, Now Charged With 11 Crimes

You may have lost count but the grand total is three arrests and 11 crimes.  Titus Young was arrested for DUI, trying to break into police compound to get his car back, robbery of a convenience store for some candy and five cigars and for trying to break into man’s house.  During the investigation of his May 11th arrest police found out there was more.

(Mug Shot) NFL: Again?! Titus Young Arrested Three Times In One Week

What in the world is wrong with this guy?! Someone really needs to step up and mentor him. Last week Titus Young was arrested twice within 15 hours and now he’s been arrested again…for a third time…in a week. SMH. Check out what happened now…

(Mug Shot) NFL: SMH. Titus Young Arrested Twice in 15 Hours

Really?! Not once, but arrested twice…in 15 hours?! SMH. Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young was arrested twice in a 15-hour span Sunday.  Someone needs to help this kid. Find out what happened after the jump…

NFL: Terrell Owens Has Some Advice For Titus Young

Wow, has Terrell Owens grown up?!  TO has some advice to Lions WR Titus Young who recently has been lashing out on Twitter and you might be surprised to read what advice Terrell had for Titus….

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