FCC Approves TMO and Metro PCS Merger

  Yesterday the FCC approved the merger between TMO and Metro PCS. The new $1.5 billion deal will see T-Mobile take over Metro’s 9 million subscribers, which will boost TMO’s subscribers also. TMO tried acquiring Metro back in October but it was’nt made official until yesterday. The merger might have helped TMO acquire the iPhone something they have lacked over the year since all the other major carriers currently have the iPhone in their line up. TMO carried the iPhone in an unofficial capacity, were users would have 2g service. Currently the carrier is also working on switching to LTE which could also help them get more subscribers. After the break check out their press release about the merger.

AliciaKeys x Tmobile x Blackberry Sweepstakes…Here Are The Details!!!!

We know the Blackberry has has fallen on some Hard times, and although It’s Not My cup of Tea, I wouldn’t want you to miss a FREE trip to London and See the Beautiful Ms. Keys(aka Mrs. Beatz), Hit the Jump for the Details.

T-Mobile Says Mobile Contracts Are No More???

The days of having a contract with TMO maybe over, back in Novemeber the company announced they would be giving up on contracts and looking for alternate ways to sell smartphones. According to an internal memo obtained by TmoNews, the company may announce next the end of contracts or as the memo calls it “uncarrier” plans. The new uncannier plan would eliminate two-year contracts, early termination fees and traditional phone subsidies, allowing customers to instead purchase new devices with a monthly installment plan. Also TMO may also announce “dual 4G” .

Blackberry Z10 to Drop In March for TMO

Last week when Blackberry annoced their new z10 device they didn’t go into detail about the device and the future availability of its new smartphones in the United States. So far the device is being released in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. According to TMO’s roadmap the device should be dropping on March 24th and also available on all major carriers sometimes in March. When the device does drop the device will go for $199.

T-Mobile Says The iPhone Coming In 3 To 4 Months !!

The news Tmo customers have been waiting for, the iPhone is confirmed for a release in 3 to 4 months. I’m sure T-Mobile plans to celebrate and make it a special occasion since they are the last of the big 4 to get the iPhone. The only downside is the smartphone will be apart of the do away of the subsided phone. T-mobile refused to give a launch date for the device or what iPhone the mobile carrier will have for sale, but im sure when they do it will be everywhere. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Verizon & AT&T Looking To End Subsidies Like T-Mobile

Verizon and At&t are watching the moves of Tmo and looking into Ending Subsidies. What does this mean for mobile customers, its means the days of paying for a subsided maybe over and paying up to $700 for a mobile device, yikes. Verizon’s Lowell McAdam said ‘this is a great idea”, of course he would say that since this would widen a mobile carriers profit line. The only question is, are Americans ready for a jump like that. TatWZA

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