(Video&Photos) Boxing: Justin Bieber The Boxer? Gets A Private Lesson From The Champ, Floyd Mayweather

Justin Bieber seems to be working on his physique as of late and you can somewhat see it in these photos. Being part of the money team comes with perks, like getting private training time with the best boxer on the planet, Floyd Mayweather. The two hooked up for a session and Floyd had Bieber putting in that work. Next time paparazzi try to roll up on Biebs, they better be ready!

(PHOTOS) Sports: MESSY! Princess Love Breaks Up With Ray J Then Uses & Posts Pics of Ex Floyd Mayweather

Here we go again.  SMH. Do you remember that whole mess/love triangle between Floyd Mayweather, Ray J and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Queen Princess Love?! If not, you can catch up HERE, HERE, and HERE. LONG story short, Ray J was once part of Floyd’s TMT, but then slept with Floyd’s side piece, Princess Love — which of course then started a BUNCH of beef & drama (it all happened about this time last year).  Well Princess Love has been with Ray J until their recent break-up (announced on Instagram).  So what did she do?!  She posted up two pics of Floyd Mayweather for #TBT & #FBF.  What the hell?!  She really enjoys drama huh???  I can’t wait to see if Floyd says something about all this. Check it out…

Boxing: Change Coming? There’s Some Tension in Floyd Mayweather’s Camp

Floyd Mayweather may have won his fight last Saturday, but apparently there were some things that happened that night that he wasn’t very happy about. It was the first PPV event Mayweather Promotions handled the role of lead promoter … and now Floyd may be looking to make some major changes to his team. Hit the jump for details…

(PHOTO) Boxing: About Billions? Adrien Broner Shows Off Bet Ticket He Placed on Floyd Mayweather Bout

If you follow Adrien Broner on Twitter & Instagram, you know he’s “About Billions.”  He’s got the saying and even has a clothing line with the saying.  Well just a short time ago before Floyd Mayweather takes on Marcos Maidana, Broner placed a bet on the fight.  Some fans had jokes about the amount of the ticket — but c’mon — not everyone can place bets like Mayweather (actually 99% people can’t).  Well as you can guess, he’s going with TMT. Check it out…

(Video) Boxing: Guess Which Popular Singer Is Helping Floyd Mayweather Train For His Next Fight?

Next month, Floyd Mayweather’s set to take on Marcos Maidana. The undefeated champion is known for intense training seasons to prepare for his matches, but this time around he enlisted the help of this enormously popular singer/actor. Hit the jump to find out who.

Boxing: TMT DJ Explains What Happened With Floyd Mayweather & Says TI Got 2 Black Eyes!

This morning news and videos spread of a physical altercation between rapper TI and boxer Floyd Mayweather.  One thing that’s certain is that it happened because of TI’s wife Tiny.  TI was reportedly upset about his wife hanging out with Floyd and addressed him.  Floyd told TI to “control your b**ch” and after that things get fuzzy.  TMT DJ Jay Bling took to his Facebook account to give a play by play of exactly what happened.  Now of course this is just one side, we’ll have to hear the other but from this end he implicates The Money Team gave TI the business.

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