(PHOTO) NBA: LOL, Jay Z & Solange Make It In Hilarious Nets “Gone Fishing” Photo

Sorry Nets fans, your season is officially over.  These “Gone Fishin” photos are the best & the fellas at TNT didn’t let us down when they came up with the Brooklyn Nets’ “Gone Fishin” pic.  They had jokes and added Hov and Solange to the pic.  Check it out along with another one that a fan created…

(VIDEO) NBA: Charles Barkley Trolls Jay Z & Beyonce With Solange Comment!

Oh Chuck!! Lol.  Last night as the fellas on TNT were discussing the Heat/Nets game, Charles Barkley took the opportunity to throw in a Solange comment when Kenny brought up Jay Z (did he say Jay G?) & Beyonce.  Check it out…

(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley Refuses To Apologize For Ripping Big Women

Chuck is a fool!!! He really does not care what you think about his comments.  Apparently TNT wanted to Charles Barkley to apologize for some comments he made about fat women.  Well he took the time ON-AIR to let those know that were offended that he’s NOT apologizing.  Check it out…

(Funny Video) NBA: Kevin Hart Impersonates TNT’s ‘Inside The NBA’ Crew In New Commercial

Gotta love Kevin Hart!! Check out this new commercial that aired during 2nd round NBA playoffs featuring Kevin Hart & the Inside the NBA crew.

(Video) NBA: No Joke! Charles Barkley & Shaq Are Going To Fight May 14th..Yes For Real

It has been talked about for a while, and now it is finally going to happen. Shaq and Charles Barkley are going to have a MMA style fight on May 14th on TNT for everyone to see. It sounds funny but they are serious. Obviously there is no real beef and the fight is just because they both been talking crap about each other, but now it’s official and even has rules. Hit the jump to see what they said about “The Beatdown in A-town”.

(Video) NBA: Lol, Shaq Smashes Acoustic Guitar Because He Only Wants To Hear “Classics”

Brent Barry made a guest appearance last night for TNT’s NBA coverage and he brought his guitar with him.  Well Shaq wasn’t happy with his music selection so he took Brent’s guitar and sang Rick Springfield’s seminal hit “Jessie’s Girl” and then smashed the guitar.  Shaq only wants to hear classics!!  Gotta love Shaq.  Check it out…

(Photos) NBA: Damn Did We Miss Something? TNT Thinks Nuggets Timofey Mozgov Scored 93 Points

LOL, if this stat line were true, Timofey Mozgov would literally be the best player of all time, even better than Jordan. After the Nuggets beat the Warriors last night 100-99, TNT interviewed Mozgov because he played a huge role with 29 rebounds in the game. But the stat people apparently thought he also scored 93 points, even though he only took 15 shots. So unless the NBA magically changed the rules to have shots that are worth more than 3 points it is pretty impossible to score 93 points only taking 15 shots. Not sure how they missed it but it temporarily made Mozgov a legend. It was pretty funny though. Hit the jump.

NBA: Shaq Accused of Punching TV Co-Worker

While I like to keep an open mind, I believe Shaq here.  If you watch “Inside the NBA” you know he plays around A LOT.  I highly doubt there was any ill will when this happened.  Take that L man!! Shaquille O’Neal is now under investigation by Atlanta police after a man says the Shaq punched him at Turner studios last year.  Shaq’s lawyer described it as “horseplay.” Hit the jump for more details…

(Video) March Madness: UNC Fan Videobombs TNT Broadcast With “F*ck Duke” Shirt

UNC and Duke are bitter rivals and yesterday UNC won the war.  Not only was Duke upset by Mercer and eliminated from the NCAA tournament, UNC defeated Providence in a 79-77 nailbiter and one fan added insult to injury.

NBA: Kenny Smith Defends Charles Barkley Against Critics

Chuck can do no wrong in my eyes – I love him.  Lol, so I’m glad Kenny Smith has Charles Barkley’s back. Kenny Smith is tired of people saying Barkley doesn’t know a lot about basketball & he’s speaking out about it. C’mon fam, it’s Charles Barkley! Check it out…

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