Wow! Toddler Inadvertently Alerts Police Of His Family’s Weed Farm!!

While playing with his parents’ phone, a toddler — thought to be no older that 2-years-old — somehow found out how to dial 911. Unfortunately for his parents, he did. But they assumed that he dialed 999991111 and on the other end of the call, police operators heard a brief rustling before the phone disconnected. Hit the jump to see what happened next.

(Videos) Watch! Coolest Dad Ever Turns 3-Year-Old Son Into A Superhero

As a child, did you ever pretend to be super hero with special powers or have super human abilities? Daniel Hashimoto, an After Effects artist for DreamWorks, uses his talent and video skills to edit videos of his son, 3-year-old James, to give him super cool hero abilities.

(Video) TOO Cute! 5-Year-Old Covers Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” & RIPS It!

It seems like every day a different Beyonce “Drunk In Love” cover pops up on the internet. However I must admit, this little girl is by far my favorite one! Check out the adorable 5-year-old named NuNu belting out every word to Bey’s smash-hit below.

(18+*Video) BAD Parenting! Little Girl Repeats ‘Choice Words’ She Heard From Her Parents

For shame for Shame! And that babysitter should def be fired for encouraging this!!

(Video) SMH! Girl Gets Caught On Camera Beating A Toddler In The Elevator!

Some people have no hearts! Such is the case in China, when a 10 year old girl was caught on surveillance video hitting and stomping on a toddler. It is reported that the girl may have also dropped him from a 25th floor balcony. The 18 month old’s mother was exiting the elevator, when the doors closed behind her and her son stayed behind in the elevator. The little girl, who was also in the elevator, seemed to comfort the tiny boy but soon began kicking and stomping him into the floor. When the elevator doors opened on the 25th floor, the 10 year old shoved the 18 month old out. It is unclear what happened next, but authorities found the little boy critically injured outside the high rise. To see the video for yourself, click below.

(Photo) Show & Sell? Toddler Brings WHAT To Harlem Daycare?!

A three year old girl showed up to her Harlem daycare center smelling like marijuana. When teachers checked inside her little backpack, they were shocked at their findings and called the police. Responding officers found 14 bags of marijuana and freezer bags on the toddler’s possession. SMH. Really? To read more, click below.

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