(Video) So Cute! Watch This 3-Year-Old Get His Own Real-Life Spiderman For Christmas!

3-year-old Kieran got his own real-life Spiderman for Christmas this year, thanks to dear old dad and it was the cutest thing ever! Watch his little dreams come true below. Marisa Mendez

(Video)Two 2-Year-Olds Fight On Stage!!!

These two were not afraid to mess up during a performance or fight over the spotlight! Two toddlers have a little cat fight mid-performance! Maybe they already didn’t get along, but they decided to let everyone know when they stopped dancing and began to push each other during their ballet recital in front of everyone! Hit the jump Steph Bassanini

(Photo)Man Ties Up Little Boy To The Back Of His Truck!!

A man ties a little boy up with ropes to the back of his truck, to keep him secured??? Well when the cops arrived by this guy’s car he didn’t see what was wrong with having the boy strapped to the back of his pick-up truck. The guy had the audacity to ask the cops, “whats the problem?” Hit the jump to see how he had the toddler strapped. Steph Bassanini

Caught On Tape: Toddler Tumbles Out Of A Moving Car In A Busy Intersection

In a crazy accident, a 4-year-old girl tumbled out of a moving van and into a busy intersection. Luckily her father reacted very quickly and scooped her up out of the road before she was hit by on coming cars. Watch the footage below. Julie1205

(Video) Toddler Found With Mouse In Mouth At Day Care

A mother got a disturbing phone call from her child’s daycare center. Hit the jump for the video. steveisDOPE

New Jersey Man Arrested For Shooting 2 Year Old In The Head

A man has been arrested in the death of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son, who was shot in the head at a Newark apartment. Continue reading after the jump. Capri S.

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