Tom Cruise Needs TOP GUN Security For Up-Coming Deposition !?!?

Let me fill you in…Back in 2001 Mr. Scientology himself sued Michael Davis Sapir, because Sapir expressed that he had an e-mail as well as video tape proving that Cruise was a homosexual. The two settled that case out of court (which makes you wonder), and Sapir retracted his statement, but forward to 2009 when Sapir filed a suit against Cruise, due to the fact that he had private investigator, Anthony Pellicano do an illegal wire tap on the magazine editor. NOW, in 2012 Radar Online has retrieved court papers stating that for his deposition in the case, Cruise needs MAJOR security. He has listed a whole load of demands that needs to be followed by the T. – i.e. NO media and that there can only be ONE video copy of the deposition. Serious. I’m wondering what does he have to hide. I’m just saying, he did have his ex-wife interviewed. Drop down bottom for more demands. JaaiR (JR)

(Photos) Suri Cruise’s Christmas Playhouse Cost How Much??

Rumor is Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting Suri a huge playhouse, that will be customized with recessed lighting, a sunroom and an eat-in kitchen. It will have electricity and running water and can be connected to the main house via intercoms…It also can be reconstructed to have a garage. Suri’s Christmas went for about $24,000 and that is not including a $9,750 kids’ version of a Mercedes, along with an iPad mini and a Chloe fur coat her mom is getting her. Mickey

Katie Holmes Changed Suri’s Name?!

If Suri’s parents splitting up was enough stress for her, now rumor has it that Katie Holmes changed her name! Do you think its because Katie doesn’t want anything to do with her Scientology ex-husband Tom Cruise? Check out the story below to find out what’s the scoop! Mickey

FOOD: Celebrities Caught With Their Mouths Open….Literally!

Sometimes we put celebs on this pedestal of perfection, and forget that they are humans just like us. Check out these 10 celebrities eating – caught with their mouths open….literally. @iBLONDEgenius

Tom Cruise Telephone Love!

This father daughter bond is unbreakable! Regardless of Cruise’s very public divorce to Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise speaks to his daughter once even twice a day. He is currently away in England filming “All You Need Is Kill.” For more info read below. Eloisa Melo

Scientology Finds Tom Cruise A Girlfriend?

Apparently, auditioning is not only for the big screen. According to Vanity Fair, The Church of Scientology, had a “top-secret process” for auditioning actresses to play Tom Cruise’s real-life girlfriend. Of course Cruise’s reps have denied this, but this would not be the first time Tom has done something out of the ordinary. Click below to read more. Jason J.

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