Xbox Has A Message For It’s Gamers!!!

Xbox sent out an email to its users about the game Tom Raider which was released on March 3rd. In the email titled, “Critics agree—Tomb Raider’s got it” they are encouraging more gamers to purchase the game based off of what the critics are saying and according to these critics the game ranked high on their list.

Tomb Raider Origins: Crash Trailer (Fan Made Video)

Watch the fan made video with the crash that changes Lara’s life forever in this scene from the new ten minute fan film.

Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Reborn (Video)

Tomb Raider the reboot is set to drop next week, to reintroduce herself back to the public the developers drop a new trailer of the reborn Lara Croft

Conan O’Brien Reviews Tomb Raider (Video)

In Conan’s latest segment of clueless gamer, he reviews “Tomb Raider”. Conan is so into the game he cries when Lara Croft dies during game play.

Tomb Raider: Monastery Escape Walkthrough (Video)

Check out Lara’s new combat skills in this new trailer as she looks for new points of interest in this new walk though. Tomb Raider game coming soon, walk though after the break.

Tomb Raider Developers Talk About Multiplayer (Video)

Watch the mulitplayer sequnce in the new Tomb Raider game which is set for a release later this year (this march). Will multiplayer be a factor in the new Tomb Raider. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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