TomTom Isn’t Partnering With WHO For It’s Latest Watch?!?!?

TomTom announced today, it will be launching a new GPS sport watch. In the past, the company has partnered up with Nike to create GPS sport devices, but in a press release today there was no mention of the sports gear giant.

Tech Talk App: TomTom Has Twitter/Facebook Integration Coming!!!

CES Strikes again, TomTom has announced at the CES that TomTom has a new version of its iPhone and iPad app(No mention of Android??) Hit the Jump.

Tech Talk GPS: TomTom HD Traffic Service!

All this talk of GPS tracking you has been upsetting, but TomTom is trying to make a positive out of it with giving all of U.S. Live models HD traffic service. See Vieo After the Jump! @TatWZA

Tech Talk Warning: TomTom GPS Helping Police Set You Up!!!

I find this very interesting to know all these things Mobile devices are setting us up in the name of traffic, Apples wasn’t as bad as this since they are just holding the Data, but You have to hear what TomTom has done! @TatWza

TomTom From Your Desktop!!!!

You can Now Get TomTom on your laptop(desktop) just in case you want to monitor up to date traffic from your home or office…See Details. @TatWza

Nike SportWatch GPS Eyes Fitness Fanatics

In Las Vegas, Nike launched its successful Nike+ fitness software just four years ago, but nearly 4 million users have turned it into the most popular and widely available run-tracking UI ever. And just four months ago, Nike enabled GPS tracking in a completely overhauled iteration of its mobile app. Now, Nike has partnered with TomTom to bring GPS functionality and Nike’s run-tracking prowess to your wrist. @Tatwza @DjJuanyto

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