(Video) NBA: Goran Dragic Gets Elbowed in the Face, His Tooth Knocked Out & Called For the Foul

Getting your tooth knocked out is no fun, but getting called for the foul on top of it just adds insult to injury, literally.

(Photo) Woman Wears Fiance’s Wisdom Tooth As An Engagement Ring

Every woman dreams of one day being married to the guy/girl of her dreams. Some females say the bigger the rock the more he loves you but I’m sure that is the opposite for the guys. Every man wants to hear those magical words from a woman “size doesn’t matter”. When it comes to the size of the ring that is! Check out how this woman proudly shows off her engagement ring that is actually her fiance’s tooth.

(PHOTO) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Accidentally Shares His Address; Follows Up With Disappointing Info.

C’mon people, this guy isn’t stupid.  Last night Floyd Mayweather shared a story & photo on Instagram about getting a tooth infection before his fight against Canelo.  In that photo was a prescription bottle with his phone number & address on it.  His followers went nuts about it.  A short time later he shared some info about that personal info. that probably left some of his crazy fans disappointed.  I have a feeling that people are still going to show up at that address. Check it out…

(Video & Pic) NBA: Blake Griffin’s Tooth Goes Through His Own Lip in Collision With Manu Ginobili

Sabrina B. With 3 guys converging on a loose ball, there’s bound to be some contact, but it happened so fast it was hard to see what really happened, just that it left Blake Griffin down, and when he finally got up and play stopped we saw a pretty nasty looking cut on Griffin’s face. Turns out he ran into Manu Ginobli’s shoulder. Check out the video as Charles Barkley of course has something to say about it…

(Video) Soccer: Yikes, Player Pulls Out Own Tooth After Collision Then Keeps Playing

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Paulo Jorge may not have anything on Ronnie Lott when it comes to toughness, but the APOEL defender nominated himself for an Ironman award during Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League clash with Real Madrid.

John Lennon’s Tooth Sells For $31,200!!

How gross is that pic though?!! Apparently, there are people in this world that will pay a fortune for a celeb’s tooth! A rotted-looking molar belonging to deceased singer John Lennon sold for $31,200 on Saturday. More details after the jump! Wendy L.

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