SWERVE: Kylie Minogue Just Blocked Kylie Jenner’s Attempt To Trademark “Kylie”

Kylie Jenner has been attempting to trademark the name Kylie for the last three years – despite the fact that she is certainly not the only person on earth with that name. In fact, there are other notable celebs who are also named Kylie, and one in particular is not having it. According to Telegraph, singer Kylie Minogue has moved to dispute Jenner’s trademark, having her legal team send a letter to the US Patent and Trademark Office, detailing the reasons why the trademark should not be granted.

Blac Chyna Is Trademarking Her Name

Blac Chyna plans to cash out. The model/former stripper/possible reality star has filed a trademark application on her name, hoping to prevent any other person from using “Blac Chyna” OR “Black Chyna.” The docs were filed just 2 weeks before she got engaged to Rob Kardashian, but her team says that was just coincidence. Chyna’s attorney, Walter Mosley, says the filing was prompted by her getting multiple film, TV and endorsement offers that have piqued her interest, and it’s his job to make sure her name, likeness and intellectual properties are protected.

(Photo) NBA: Kobe Bryant Files Trademark For “Friends Hang Sometimes, Banners Hang Forever”

As if you needed another reminder that Kobe Bryant really doesn’t care about having many friends, his newly filed trademark will remind you.

Sports: Ronda Rousey Files To Trademark The Phrase “Do Nothing B*tch”

Ronda Rousey has been dominating the competition in the UFC for a while now and she is ready to have her paperwork be just as dominant. The MMA star has filed to own the trademark of the phrase “Do Nothing B*tch” or “DNB” for short.

(Photo) NBA: Michael Jordan Is So Rich He Reportedly Turned Down $80 Million To Endorse Headphones

As Michael Jordan battles a grocery store chain in court over using his likeness to try and sell steaks, a lot of MJ’s financial information has been coming out. Yesterday we reported that his name alone is worth close to $500 million dollars, which is close to the amount Nike has paid him since 2000. His lawyers argue that on an individual basis, each time his name is used it’s worth about $10 million dollars!

Ha! Kris Jenner Trademarks “MOMager” So She Can Be The Only Official One!

Kris Jenner might be a little on the crazy side, but she is no dummy. Throughout the years, she’s been dubbed as a “MOMager,” obviously because she manages her kids. Prior to Kris, I’ve yet to hear or see anyone else using that name until she came along. Kris felt so strongly about making sure that name only sticks to her that she went and got “MOMager” trademarked so only she can officially use it! In fact, if anyone even thinks about using Kris’ claim to fame, she can sue them in a heart-beat. Kris was so quick with it that she already has the word locked down and trademarked for her reality TV show. Ah, smart woman that lady is.

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