(Video) Tooo Far! New Zealand Man Quits His Job To Become A Full Time Pokemon Go Trainer

Yo this is crazy lol. Wayyy too much…this guy quit his full time job as a bartender and barista down under, to become a full time traveling Pokemon Go trainer.

“Rocky” Star Tony Burton/Apollo Creed’s Trainer Has Passed Away

Tony Burton, who played Duke – Apollo Creed’s trainer in the Rocky movies, has ultimately passed away at the age of 78. Read more after the jump.

TBT Kicks Edition: Nike Air Muscle Max

Let’s really take you on a blast from the past. This will really test how good your memory is. These are the Nike Air Muscle Max, a shoe that the OG sneaker heads will appreciate. Try and answer this question, when did these come out? Find out the answer and a little more after the jump.

(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Has To Chill! Grabs Male Training Staff In A Questionable Way

The Clippers were in the process of totally embarrassing the Brooklyn Nets last night and apparently Blake Griffin got bored watching from the sidelines. He wound up trending on social media for a reason having nothing to do with basketball. He grabbed up one of the members of the training staff and mad the motion of putting his head between his legs in a sketchy way! I would of had to poison his Gatorade after that move.

(Photos) JLo Flew In Trainer To Consult Over ‘Booty’ Video

Ever met a ‘Booty’ trainer? The prep for music videos is no joke especially when your ‘Booty’ is going to be the main focus. JLo wanted to leave no room for mistakes as she flew in her trainer to consult over the making of the video. More after jump…

(Photos) Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Seen Rocking Matching Nike Air Raid Kicks!

You know it’s real love when the couple’s gear matches. Although the rumors have been denied, Christina Milian and Lil Wayne have made it hard for us to believe that they are not an item. Over the weekend, the two were seen nestled hand-in-hand out in the streets of Philadelphia. While that isn’t enough, only a couple can be seen sporting a matching pair of Nike Air Raids. Peep The Gallery For Full Images After The Jump….

(Photos) Wait, WHAT?! This Is What Justin Bieber’s Body Looks Like Now!

Fellas, look away! Ladies.. TAKE A PEEK! Justin Biebs is all grown up and that’s evident in these pics! He went from scrawny little boy to… grown! Justin went shirtless as he posed up with his personal trainer in a shot posted on Instagram on Wednesday. He’s come a long way! Bieber looked a lot less defined last year. Bieber has said before he wanted to work on his muscles to ‘look sexy for the ladies’. See the photos of his hardwork below!

(Photos) You Go, Girl! Kim K More Concerned About Being A Mom Than Losing Weight Despite The Pressure!

She’s lost 30 pounds so far since the baby has come, and she’s looking pretty amazing! Kim Kardashian showed off her waistline in a stylish outfit in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. In the gallery, we also posted a picture of when she was called a “killer whale” and you can really see the difference (besides the fact that she’s no longer pregnant, LOL). Her trainer Tracy Anderson revealed on Wednesday that Kim hasn’t returned to the gym just yet. Her brother Brody did admit that… ‘For a while, Kim was all bummed out with all the ridicule she was getting about her weight during her pregnancy,’ then adds, ‘It was definitely getting to her.’ Anderson claims, the reality star was more ‘focussed on being a mom’ than working out. Good job, Kim! Glad to see she’s got her priorities right! See the photos of her weight improvement in the gallery below!

(Caught On Tape) Crocodile Attacks Trainer At A Show In Thailand!!!

In a popular tourist spot in Thailand, crocodile trainer Pravit Suebmee was attacked while performing a show for guests. During the show, where the 27-year-old places his head into the croc’s mouth, the giant reptile did what any other living creature would do when something’s in its mouth. It closed it! Hit the jump for the actual video.

(PHOTO) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Confirms That His Dad Will Train Him For May 4th Fight!

We kind of already had this info, but Floyd Mayweather took to Twitter to announce that it was official.  Floyd Mayweather will be working with his dad again for his May 4th bout. More details after the jump…

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