SMH: Cops Called Because Amanda Bynes Was Accused Of WHAT?!

Just when you thought Amanda Bynes was staying out of trouble lately…she’s back! The troubled actress was confronted by police outside of a retirement community late Sunday night, after she got into an argument with a cab driver. Apparently (this is according to the driver), Amanda wanted to go into the community, but management had turned her away because they thought she was drunk. They then accused her of trespassing, and promptly called her a cab. However, when she got into said cab, told the driver, “Get me the f*ck out of here! I don’t have any money.” At which point, he got her the f*ck out of there. The car, that is. She walked back toward the community and police were called, but for now, there is no record of her getting arrested. Oh, Amanda!

Auto:(Video) This Cop Needs To Lose His Badge For This Nonsense

This video is a damn shame. It actually bothers me when I do stories like this because it further shows why the public has no trust in Police. More importantly is casts a negative shadow over Police officers who respect their job and value the oath that comes with it. By the end of this clip, you still are not even sure if this man is a Cop because he never produces I.D. Two men are hanging out in a parking lot outside of a liquor store minding their own business. Well before the “officer” even appears on camera, you hear the men talking about they are waiting for their friend to show up and then go in the store. Suddenly they are approached by a man asking to see what one of them is drinking. For the record he is drinking an Arizona Iced Tea. He never identifies himself while asking questions, the man with the icea tea has to actually ask multiple times who the man is before he said Police, but again, never shows proof he is. When the man with the drink refuses to give the cop his drink he then switches his reason for being there because the men are trespassing. Really?? trespassing in the parking lot of a liquor store that you mention multiple times you are about to go in. No crime was ever committed and it’s ashame how it went down. I actually commend the dudes involved for not reacting in a different manor. Did…

GBE’s Lil Reese Gets Locked Up For WHAT ?!?!

This would be a prime example of something you DON’T do! Lil Reese was found in his car sleeping at 4am (must have been wasted to the max) when police checked up on him, and arrested the GBE rapper. Drop down bottom to see why.

(Video + Photos) 2013 Grammy Stage Crasher Is The Same Guy That Will Smith Smacked Up !?!?

Ok, so do you remember last year when a reporter tried to kiss Will Smith on the lips and Will back handed him ??? If not go HERE, but this guy is up to his old ways again. During the 2013 Grammy Awards, while sexy J. Lo and “that lil Chico Pitbull” were announcing Adele as the winner for ‘Best Pop Solo Performance’, Vitalii Sediuk got on stage and took the mic from the Latina. Vitalii acted as if it was him who had won an award, “Oh thank you,” he says. LOL! Unluckily for him as soon as the show was over, he got arrested for trespassing and spent a night in the pen. This dude is a crazy mess. Funny, but crazy! I think J. Lo handled herself well by snatching the mic back. Good job. Drop down bottom and listen to what he was thinking at the time.

Police Called To Rihanna’s Aid In Barbados!!!!

The Police in Barbados report they were called to the house where Rihanna is staying currently after a man trespassed on her private beach. The man, who is believed to be a German national, was not still on the location when authorities arrived on the scene. They do not believe the man to be a stalker but only Chris Brown gets to the private beach privileges. Hit the Jump for more. PaulDaPro

‘Clean Halls’- Bronx Community Leader Agrees

The “Clean Halls” movement also known as “Stop & Frisk” is a very controversial issue in NY. In June of this year Thousands, yes thousands took a silent march to protest against the “Clean Halls Act”. Opponents of this program say it lets NYPD arrest people for trespassing outside of their own buildings. Take a look here to recap on the march in June. Protest Stop & Frisk Bronx community leader;Joseph Cicciu; thinks this act is whats best for lowering crime rate, loitering, and drugs & gun usage and he gives this act a thumbs up! FunkFlex

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