Conrad Murray Gave Michael Jackson Dangerous Drug Even After He Stopped Breathing!

The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray took an interesting turn when experts said they believe that Murray gave Michael Jackson Propofol even after MJ had stopped breathing! Dr. Steven Shafer has testified that the drug was still being dripped into Michael’s blood after death and it would have been almost impossible for Michael to give himself the dosage of medication that killed him. Dr. Shafer also said that Murray should have noticed the slow breathing and stopped Michael’s dosage. Read more after the jump. @Julie1205

(Photos) Pictures Leak of Michael Jackson Dead on a Hospital Gurney

Weeks after the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial progressed, photos of a dead Michael Jackson on what appears to be a hospital gurney have leaked. The photos are pretty graphic, so view them at your own risk after the jump! Funk Flex Find Flex on Google +

Michael Jackson’s Kids Boycotting Trial But Will Testify If Needed

Everyone seems to be tuned into the Conrad Murray trial. As you may have heard, Dr. Conrad Murray is currently on trial in a manslaughter case in the death of Michael Jackson. The trial can be seen on TV and on many different websites so the public can watch the high profile case, but what about MJ’s kids?! It’s clear that Michael tried to shelter his children the best he could and I’m sure he’d appreciate his kids deciding not to watch the trial. Although they aren’t watching the case, one of the children has said that they will testify if it is needed. MJ’s kids were in his custody when he passed. Read more after the jump. @Julie1205

Drugged-Out Michael Jackson Voicemail Played In Courtroom

Jurors at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is charged in Michael Jackson’s death, heard an audio recording of the pop superstar slurring his words and talking about his upcoming concerts while under the influence of the very powerful anesthetic propofol. Hit the jump to hear the audio @WiL

Graphic Photo of Michael Jackson Used During Prosecution’s Opening Statement in Manslaughter Trial

The trial against Michael Jackson’s doctor Dr. Conrad Murray began today, and the prosecution held nothing back from the second they began. “Michael Jackson’s death was a homicide,” Los Angeles Deputy DA David Walgren told jurors as he began his opening statement with the video (of which this photo is taken from). “The acts and the omissions of Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, directly led to his premature death at the age of 50.” Check out the graphic image below of Michael laying lifeless in the hospital with the tube still down his throat and the word “homicide” appearing on the screen. So sad. The trial is still going on and IFWT will keep you updated. Marisa Mendez

Casey Anthony Now Has To Pay Double For Investigation Cost

Looks like Casey Anthony has hit another bump in the road, she is now forced to pay double what she was originally supposed to pay for her investigation. Anthony now owes the state of Florida $217,499.23, according to a judge and the cost could still go up! A judge has asked the state to resend documents to look deeper into the cost and see if she should be paying more. @Julie1205

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