(Video) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Visibly Annoyed When Asked About Phil Jackson Saying He Hogs the Ball

Yesterday New York Knicks president Phil Jackson said that Carmelo Anthony had a tendency to hold onto the ball for too long.  Anthony was asked about Jackson’s comments and wasn’t too keen on answering the question.

NBA: Phil Jackson: Carmelo Improving Ball Hog Habit & Can Play Jordan & Kobe Role in Triangle

The triangle offense worked well when Phil Jackson was a coach for the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan, and the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant, but it’s been critiqued a lot on its use with the New York Knicks.  Many people felt it just wouldn’t work with this team, but Jackson has been dedicated to keeping it, and improving the Knicks use of the infamous offense.  Jackson was asked it Carmelo Anthony can fit in the triangle, and he made it clear that Melo can.

(Video) NBA: Kobe On The Knicks Triangle Offense: “That Ain’t No F*cking Triangle, That’s A Square”

In case you were wondering what Kobe Bryant thinks of the Knicks version of Phil Jackson’s famed “Triangle Offense”, he let his opinion he heard loud and clear at MSG yesterday as he visited New York for likely the final time ever as a player.

NBA: Duke’s Coach K Ethers Phil Jackson’s Triangle Offense: “The Triangle Didn’t Win Crap”!

Let us know how you really feel Coach K! I’m not sure how close of friends Coach K and Phil Jackson are, but it’s safe to say Phil is not going to be a fan of Mike Krzyzewski’s criticism of the triangle offense that Mr. Eleven rings continues to shove down the throats of Knicks fans and players.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Told Tim Hardaway Jr. He Was Going to Beat Him Up After Knicks 5th Straight Loss

The New York Knicks are off to their worst start in franchise history currently at 4-19.  There’s a lot of arguing, cursing, defiance and doubt as the team is seemingly imploding early in the season.  Things reportedly came to a head during game 5 of their current 9-game losing streak as Carmelo Anthony told Tim Hardaway Jr. he was going to beat him up.

NBA: Phil Jackson Not Amused By Adam Silver’s Jokes About Knicks Struggles With the Triangle Offense

It’s still early in the season but the Knicks are visibly struggling as they learn the Triangle Offense.  It’s a system Phil Jackson used to win 11 rings as a coach of the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers.  As the Knicks new president of basketball operations, Jackson hired his former player Derek Fisher and both are trying to teach the system to the Knicks.  Obviously it’s going to take some time for them to get it but Jackson isn’t interested in jabs from the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver in the meantime.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says He Doesn’t Think He’ll Be The Scoring Champ This Season

With Kevin Durant injured and LeBron James part of a stacked team, it would seem like Carmelo Anthony would be a lock to win the scoring title this upcoming season.  Anthony doesn’t think so however; with Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher implementing the Triangle Offense, Carmelo says he expects to take less shots therefore he won’t be the scoring champion.

NBA: Iman Shumpert Excited About New Offense So He Can Do More Than ‘Stand In The Corner’

Former Knicks coach Mike Woodson was heavily criticized for running too many iso plays for Carmelo Anthony.  He also seemingly had a problem with Iman Shumpert and didn’t utilize the young guard up to his full potential.  Well Woodson has since been fired and the Knicks new coach Derek Fisher along with new president Phil Jackson are going to implement his infamous triangle offense, something Shumpert is excited about.

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