Justice: Texas State Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland Has Been Fired & Faces Jail Time

Last month it was announced that Texas State trooper Brian Encinia had been indicted for perjury in the death of Sandra Bland. Following the indictment, the Associated Press reported Encinia would be terminated from his post, but he wasn’t until now. Yesterday the Department of Public Safety officially fired Encinia and he is facing a fine as well as jail time. Hit the jump.

(Video) NJ State Trooper Fires Weapon At Unarmed Teens, Mistakenly Knocked On His Door

An off-duty New Jersey state trooper is under investigation after firing at three unarmed teenagers who erroneously knocked on the door of his Sparta home Sunday, thinking it was their friend’s house. Continue reading for more details.

Auto: Former Cop Being Sued For Fake DUI Arrests..SMH

For every good decent cop, you have idiots like this who cause the public to have a distrust for police. Former Utah Trooper Lisa Steed , and notice I said former which I will get to in a second, is being sued by numerous people for pulling them over and arresting them for DUI, even though some of them had no alcohol in their system at all, or at least passed a breathalyzer. By the time these arrests went to trial, the majority of them had already been thrown out by the court, but in between these people had to deal with the aggravation of being arrested, in some cases embarrassed, and not too mention paying fines for the car being towed and impounded. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

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