(Video) Trump Supporters Troll Starbucks With #TrumpCup , Employee Call’s Police

Supporters of Trump have begun to troll Starbucks. As many know when ordering at Starbucks you are always asked for your name. Trump Twitter decided to start a new game called Trump Cup. In the game you go to Starbucks, place an order, and give them the name Trump. If they refuse to serve your coffee, you then record a video and share it on social media. Starbucks workers are not exactly happy with this. One employee went as far as to call the police. check the video and more on the story after the jump.

(Video) Professor Who Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency Is Now Predicting He Will Be Impeached

American University professor Allan Lichtman is known as “Prediction Professor.” Sounds funny but this man actually pretty legit for now at least. According to the New York Times, “only one major political historian, Allan Lichtman, had predicted that Trump would win.” So far he is 9 out of 9 since 1984. He’s been predicting this for over 30 years.

(Video) Student Attacked for Supporting Trump

As much as you see in the media Trump supporters attack any opposers, in this case it is the other way around. This young lady was attacked for just being a Trump supporter.

(Photo) Donald Trump Tweets About His Experience At The White House

Just a few days ago, America elected Donald Trump as president. Since then, there has been a lot of unhappy democrats. A lot of which have taken to protest Trump’s election win. I’m pretty sure they are highly aware there is nothing that can really be done at this point, but it’s just the fact that they have a right to exercise how they feel. Obama called Trump and congratulated him on his win. He even invited he and his wife to the White House. True has now took to Twitter to share his experience.

(Video) NFL: Shannon Sharpe Respects The Process And Will Respect Trump As President

As passionate as Shannon was regarding #BlackLivesMatter, he is passionate about his country and our election process and respect for the institution.

(Photo + Video) Topless Women Arrested For Protesting; Trump Gets Booed At His Own Poll Site

Alot of us are truly fed up with Donald Trump. Some people are choosing to protest up until the very end. Two New York women showed up to Trump’s poll site topless to protest. Others showed up to not only vote, but to boo the candidate once he showed up and left the site.

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