(Video) Turntable Interaction x (MOPHO DJ)

Digital scratching that needs a digital hardware interfaces and time-coded vinyl (TCV). Basically using 2 itouches, 2 turntables, and software called Mopho DJ and you playback or cut or scratch a clear plate vinyl. Are you willing to spend a lot of money for this to try to dj… How far will you go to dj. Check out the video after the jump… @DJJUANYTO and everything on Tech Ask @TATWZA

DJ: Dr. Dre x The Chronic (Samples on Vinyl LP)

Dr. Breaks: The Chronicles (Dr. Dre Samples) LP is all the samples that where used on the Classic Hip Album “The Chronic”.  More info on where to get this collectible after the jump… @DJJUANYTO @DjTripleThreat

(Video) iPAD D.J. MIXING ??? Are you serious?

Djing with 2 Turntables and mic is really the essence of handling your business on the set. Its been like that for so long and as technology evolved from Vinyl to CDs, CDs to Serato… the latest tool to dj is through an iPad? Check out the video after the jump. Let me know what you think send a comment or email it to Inflexwetrust.com “Sudject Ipad Djing Comments”. @DjJuanyto

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