(Video) Spike Lee Produces Bernie Sanders’ Latest Ad

A little more than a week after Spike Lee opened up for Bernie Sanders in front of a crowd of about 18,000 people in the Bronx, he takes his directorial talents to Sanders’ newest ad. Spike and Bernie are practically day ones. Both Brooklynites (Brooklyn stand up) have been, hand in hand, trying to sway voters, especially minority voters, away from Hilary Clinton.

(Video) Donald Trump’s First TV Ad Calls For “A Temporary Shutdown of Muslims Entering the U.S.”

Monday (January 4th) Donald Trump released his first television ad. In an upsetting continuation of his “Make America Great Again” Campaign, the ad begins with President Obama and Hilary Clinton fading into the background while clips from the horrific San Bernardino shooting take over the screen. The voice over chimes in, stating Trump’s most radical positions, promising a “temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States” and to “cut the head off ISIS and take their oil,” and rounding the commercial out with his plan to stop illegal immigration by building wall at the Mexican border. Take a look below.

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