LG Has Smart TV And 3D mobile TV prototype!!!!

LG is Planning having its TV’s Able to access all sorts of streaming media, apps and even provides users with a way to surf the web, with the Smart TV Platform, But no details on the 3D Mobile TV Prototype seen above but Smart TV should be apart of that too!!! @TatWza

Cool Line Of WHDI Products!!!!

the WHDI standard includes HDTVs from Haier, PC-to-TV adapters from Asus and LG Innotek, tablets from First International Computer (‘Jacob’ prototype shown above)….See Details for the rest. @TatWza

Mitsubishi And There 2 Big Ass TV’s!!!!!

Mitsubishi is keeping DLP technology in its HDTVs and Now introducing a 92-inch HDTV in 2011. There will also be a 155-inch OLED. No word on price…Yet but stay tuned…See Details. @TatWza

Vizio And Onlive Gaming Get Married!!!!

Vizio gives you more with the new VIA Plus HDTVs and Blu-ray players(VIA Tablet and VIA Phone too) will come with OnLive on board. @TatWza

Vizio With A Clean TV Line Up!!!!

Vizio is really Stepping Their game up in 2011, they will not be a virtual unknown in the tv game anymore! This is Vizio’s entire 2011 LCD lineup, featuring LED back & edge lighting across all models. @TatWza

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