(Video) Teachers Read Mean Tweets About Them And Their Responses Are Epic!


We’ve all been in that situation, where you’re stuck in class, the teacher is getting a tad bit boring, you whip out your phone and begin to detail your dreadful class experience. Well.. this video will make you think twice! Check out as teachers read tweets about them, in this hilarious video below!

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(Photo) Switching Sides: Conservative Texas Republican Accidentally Supports Gay Marriage!


Conservative Texas Republican Dan Patrick, running for texas lieutenant governor and an opposer of same sex marriage has accidentally had a change of heart on twitter, and supports gay marriage after all!

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(Photos) Lil Boosie’s Prison Release Date Delayed?!


Although it has been reported that Lil Boosie’s prison release date was set for February 13th, there has been a set back; hit the jump for more!

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Ke$ha’s Producer Is The Target Of Massive Death Threats


Ke$ha’s music producer Dr. Luke is in serious danger. Ke$ha’s got some caring fans and they’re PISSED… blaming Luke for her eating disorder. LAPD’s Threat Management Unit filed legal docs are asking for a search warrant to find the people who are threatening Luke’s life on Twitter. The crazy, threatening tweets started after news broke that Ke$ha entered rehab for an eating disorder because Luke taunted her about her weight. Ke$ha’s friend claims that Luke told her she “looks like a f**king refrigerator.” See some of the death threats below!

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(Photos) Twitter Releases Official Numbers For The Super Bowl AKA #SB48

IFWT_Twitter Super Bowl Numbers

So last night was def crazy, between the game it’s self, the mishaps, the commercials, and the halftime, Twitters numbers are pretty big!!

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NFL: Yikes! Chad Johnson Responds To Rumors That He’s Spreading Herpes


This sh*t is so unnecessary.  Why do people spread nasty rumors like this?! I feel terrible that Chad has to deal with AND address things like this.  Apparently someone is trying to destroy Chad Johnson’s reputation by saying that he’s spreading herpes to random women.  Chad decided to put the situation on blast and let it be known what it is.
Check out his reaction…

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NBA: Old Tweets From Paul George Saying He Prefers White Women Over Black Women Causes Uproar


I’m not sure why these tweets are coming up now, but it’s got some fans in a bad place with Paul George.  In 2010 the Pacers baller tweeted about preferring white women more than black women.  Some people don’t care and say he’s allowed to like what he likes, but as you can expect, some aren’t happy about it.
Check out what he said & weigh in…

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(PHOTO) NBA Weekend Recap: Khloe Tweets After Lamar Odom’s Arrest & Sends A Message!

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian hasn’t publicly addressed the situation with Lamar Odom, but after he got arrested on Friday for a DUI she did send a cryptic tweet — that seemed aimed at the arrest — that she also later deleted.  She again took to Twitter yesterday with another message.
Check it out…

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(Photos) Prince Finally Joins Twitter! And His First 3 Tweets Are…Profound. LOL!

Hilarious mockup by TMZ

The Twitter account @3rdeyegirl has been around since January, but it’s been used by the other members of the group, Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford and Ida Neilsen. “The Artist” had yet to take his foray into the Twitterverse up until Wednesday, and his first few tweets are just as amazing as one would expect. LOL! Check them out in the gallery. I look forward to more gems.

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Rappers Respond To Kendrick Lamar’s Verse! See Who’s Dissing, Who’s Giving Props, Who’s Preparing Their Response…

Big Sean x Kendrick Lamar

Last night, Big Sean damn near broke the Internet when he released “Control,” a track that features Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica (though I don’t think anyone’s gotten to his verse…sorry Jay), and wasn’t able to be on his forthcoming sophomore album Hall Of Fame because of sample clearance issues.

“…IT IS NOT no radio sh*t.. Straight rap,” Sean warned before he released it. “I’m talking 7min shit… Grimey sh*t.” And grimey it is! Kendrick had arguably the best verse on the track, but undoubtedly the most talked about. Why? Well for starters, he’s calling out all of his peers by name and challenging them to come harder. Most importantly, though, he dubbed himself the KING OF NY. A rapper from Compton, CA…the other side of the country…comfortably called himself the king of a city he’s only visited. Just one day after we celebrated hip-hop’s 40th birthday. Yo, New York rappers…y’all gonna let him have that? Because as of right now, 10:12 AM on Tuesday, August 13, 2013…he got that.

Naturally, the people couldn’t just sit back and let this fly, and rappers began taking to Twitter to respond. Some were impressed and inspired, some were ready to get in the booth and show K. Dot a thing or two, some were hating (Lupe Fiasco…c’mon fam.) Unfortunately for me, hardly any

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