(Video) Teyana Taylor Speaks On Her Workout Plan

While everyone is out here trying to get right with a workout plan to look like Teyana Taylor in Kanye’s new video, Taylor says dance is her workout!

THIS Classic Snack Is Finally Making It’s Return!!

Ungh! Twinkies BACK! *Rick Ross Voice* That’s right, they’re back, but not bigger, smaller. But, regardless they have finally made they’re timely return. Shortly after former owners announced the ending of one of America’s most beloved treats, shoppers bought every box of Twinkies they saw. Some froze them for later dates and some took to eBay and Craig’s List to sell them for hundreds of dollars –even thousands. Maybe that’s why less than a year passed before they finally hit the shelves again. Hit the jump for more info.

What?!? They’re Freezing Twinkies Over Here??

We know Twinkies are returning to the shelves in less than two weeks, and some of their customers want to receive them frozen?

Wait What….We Can Get Our Twinkies Again On What Day???

Struggling with bankruptcy, Hostess Brands Inc. haven’t had Twinkies on the shelves for around a year! But now they’re making a sweet, sweet comeback on what day??

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Which One Of Your Favorite Snacks Is Coming Back This Summer???

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but Hostess snacks are making a big comeback this summer. Hostess Will be bringing back all the sugary snacks we love back to our store shelves. Find out why they were taken off the shelves in the first place, and how they plan to make a big return this summer.

They’re Back!!! Twinkies To Hit The Shelves When?!?!

Our Favorite cream filled snack is Back! Hit the jump for the full story!

Don’t Call It A Comeback, Twinkies To Be Saved!?!?

Twinkie lovers rejoice! It Looks like Twinkies have been saved. Hostess have found investors and are set to announce the winning bidders very soon. Click below for full details.

(Photos)Where Are They Now?!? Some Of The Best Discontinued Brands

So today I went to the store and I got a sprite, and some M&M’s but it got me thinking about my favorite brands from the past, particularly the discontinued ones. Since there’s no more Hostess I’m sure something else will come to the forefront, people move on when even their most favorite snack is discontinued. People are always going to keep on keeping on, but sometimes its good to take a look back and reminisce about the past. Here are some of the most memorable brands no more. Check the Gallery for some of the most popular items not on shelves anywhere. PaulDaPro

Twinkies May Be Safe After All!

Hostess’ going out of business, and knocking Twinkies off the shelf have sent people over the top. I mean people are spending thousands of dollars on a couple boxes of Twinkies. There maybe hope yet, my cream-filled cake lovers. Bimbo, the company who bought out Sara Lee for $959 million, is talking about buying out Hostess’. Other companies are looking into this investment, but I think Bimbo has got this one in the bag. I mean $959MiL. That’s a whole heap a money. Hostess’ bankruptcy has to deal with the high sugar prices in the U.S. A company like Bimbo, who buys sugar for a cheaper price, from Mexico can help with this problem. I hope so, because I need my wonder bread. Did you know that was on the list of products made by Hostess’ as well? Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Make Your Favorite Snacks, Including Twinkies, From Home

Many people were saddened  by the news that Hostess will be shutting down, but don’t worry you can make all of your favorites including the infamous Twinkies from home! It’s honestly probably better if you do make the treats from home anyway since there are so many preserves in the product to make them last longer that really cannot be good for your health. So have no fear, Twinkie lovers, you can still enjoy your favorite whenever you want just make a batch and pop them in the freezer to enjoy at your leisure! Read more below. Julie A.

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