Lauryn Hill Shows Up Late To Another Concert, Performs ‘Unrecognizable’ Remixes; Angry Concertgoers Go Off!


Audience members at a Lauryn Hill concert in London were not happy when the singer showed up late, again, and performed some remixes that were barely recognizable this past weekend.

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Rocko Speaks Out About Confronting Gucci And Says That We Should All Pray For Him!!!


Atlanta’s own Rocko finally spoke out on his recent confrontation with the controversial Guwop a.k.a Gucci Mane! Rocko took to a radio interview to express his thoughts on Gucci’s recent backlash against his fellow colleagues in the music industry and his overall state of mind to which he believes ” We should all be praying for”, hit the jump for more!

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(Photos) Wale Goes On Twitter Rant After Being Kicked Off Flight


I feel your pain Wale! As someone who uses my phone right up until the plane taxis for takeoff, I can understand Wale’s frustration in being kicked off his American Airlines flight for having his phone on. The situation was apparently calm between Wale and the pilot until the cops showed up, and then they kicked him off. He vows to be done with American Airlines for good. Check out his rant in the gallery.

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(Photos) AGAIN! Azealia Banks Goes On Twitter Rant Against Lily Allen?!

Azealia Banks PROMISED to let her management control her Twitter account, since she’s beefed with a whole slew of celebrities. Now Azealia has gone on to Lily Allen, which may be the most random person to hate on. She goes on in a crazy rant for no reason, and Lily Allen responds with some words of her own. Check out the exchange in the gallery.

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(Photos) Alec Baldwin Goes On CRAZY Twitter Rant & Threatens Reporter?!?

IFWT_Alec Baldwin

Don’t mess with Alec Baldwin–the temperamental actor is not one to get mad. We’ve seen him fight celebs, with the most recent one being with Shia LaBeouf. This time it’s against Daily Mail reporter George Stark, who reported that Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria was texting at James Gandolfini’s funeral. This pissed him off to no end, and he blasted out a whole slew of tweets threating his life, even threatening to tweet at Stark’s funeral. He’s since deleted the tweets but of course nothing is really deleted off the internet. Check out the rant in the gallery.

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J. Cole Goes On Twitter Rant About Hip-Hop; Credits Ab-Soul, Drake & More For Saving It

J. Cole

As the day of the release of his sophomore album Born Sinner came to an end, J. Cole had to get some things off his chest. The rapper…who prior to album release-time you couldn’t catch on Twitter to save his life…let off a pretty lengthy rant about hip-hop and how things like sales projections and people who give reviews of a project after one listen are ruining it. He also took time to give props to his musical peers like Drake, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar and more. Check out the full rant in the gallery.

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Jay-Z Goes On #NewRules Twitter Rant!!

IFWT_New Rules 1

Hov doesn’t tweet that often so when he does … you know he’s making a statement!  After the big announcement last night, he took to Twitter just a short time ago today and went on a #NewRules Twitter rant.  He mentions Kanye, J Cole & more…and when he was finished, he pretty much dropped the mic and walked away. How can you not love this guy?!  GENIUS.  I need to step my game up ASAP.
Check it out…

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Damn! Chris Brown Goes OFF On Twitter Rant And Says What ?!


Chris Brown has been surrounded by speculation since his recent split with Rihanna and alleged rekindled relationship with Karreuche Tran and as the drama continues, the singer has taken to Twitter to go on a rather bizarre rant about how “you end up dieing alone.” He has been juggling both Rihnna and Karreuche for months, if recent rumours are anything to go by and the singer has kept himself on the down low recently, but has now taken to Twitter to post a series of rather odd messages. Hit the jump for more……

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Whaaaaat?! Paparazzi Threatens Kim Kardashians Life ?!?!


It’s pretty much a known fact that Kim Kardashian has called the paparazzi on herself to ensure that she’s being photographed. But now things have changed and Kim wants to be left alone. When she let the paparazzi know this they threatened her life! Hit the jump for more…

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Miguel Takes To Twitter To Express Frustration: “Black People Are The Most Judgmental People In The World”


Miguel’s rather frustrated, and with good reason. The “Adorn” singer has been catching tons of flack for his performance-gone-wrong at the Billboard Awards a couple weeks back, not to mention the constant gay rumors that surround him and the typical slander all celebs receive on social media on a daily basis. Taking to his Twitter last night, Mig Money got a lot off his chest. Check out his rant in the gallery! Do you agree with him?

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