Charlie Sheen Wants To Return To “Two And A Half Men”!

Charlie Sheen told Matt Lauer on the “Today” show that he would absolutely return to “Two and a Half Men” given the chance. Back in March, it was announced that Charlie wouldn’t be returning to the sitcom and would be replaced by Ashton Kutcher. After a lot of speculation, we learned that Charlie Sheen’s character would be completely killed off the show! Find out what Charlie said about returning and how he thinks Ashton will do after the jump. @Julie1205

Two And A Half Men Star Jon Cryer Loses Appeal, Ordered To Pay $8,000 A Month For Child Support

Jon Cryer’s efforts to get out of paying child support to his ex-wife who temporarily lost custody of their kid have been stymied after an appeals court ruled the actor must shell out $8,000 per month. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

(Photos) Whoa!! Check Out The Inside of Ashton Kutcher’s Super Trailer!!

Last month when Ashton Kutcher brought his super-trailer on the set of Two & A Half Men, there were reports that staff and co-workers were pretty annoyed with the monstrosity. But now, after getting an inside look at thing, I would be hating too!! Hit the jump to see what Kutcher’s supercharged home on wheels looks like!! @ItsLukieBaby

Ashton Kutcher’s Role On ‘Two and A Half Men’ Revealed

Now that we know Charlie Sheen will not return to the sitcom and will be replaced by Ashton Kutcher…I’m sure everyone wants to know what role Kutcher will actually be playing. Well wait no longer we now know that Ashton will play an Internet Billionaire on the show. Find out more about Ashton Kutcher the Internet Billionaire after the jump. Ash_Bankz

(Photo) Charlie Sheen Removed from “Two and a Half Men” Poster on Warner Bros. Studio

Warner Bros. has offically wiped their hands completely clean of Charlie, removing him from their Two and a Half Men poster that hangs outside the studio. Wonder how the show will do with Ashton Kutcher. Will you guys be watching?? @MarisaMendez

Charlie Sheen Selling His $7.2 Million Mansion

Charlie Sheen has put his infamous Beverly Hills mansion up for sale for a whopping $7.2 million. I’d actually think it’d be more. It has a private porno theather and a whole bunch more. Read details after the jump. @MarisaMendez

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