(Photos) Two Bodies Found In Coney Island Creek After THIS Happened!!!

While friends of the victims watched, officials pulled two bodies out of the Coney Island. The two dead include 44-year-old Willie Tom and 29-year-old Celine Fu. They got into the water by way of a friend’s personal watercraft when an abrupt turn caused Fu to fly out into the water. Once Tom noticed, he wasted no time jumping in to attempt a rescue.

Wow! Drag Race Ends With Two Dead

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to occasionally hit trees. But not like this. 18-year-old Ray Vega along with his 17-year-old passenger and girlfriend, Carmen Rivera-Gotay, met their unfortunate demise after while racing Ray’s older brother, Kevin. While attempting to pass Kevin, Ray –instead– sideswiped him, lost control of his ’96 Honda Accord, and smacked full speed into a tree.

This Former Child Star Could Possibly Be Involved In An Assualt Incident – GUILTY ?!

Former child actor, Ricky Schroder (“Silver Spoons,” “Ebenezer” and “Crimson Tide”) has been questioned, in an incident involving an LAX employee. What’s going on with these celebs in the airport? According to the employee, she was checking the passengers’ boarding passes when Schroder tried to make his way through with three bags – the limit being TWO. The woman said that she stopped him and he smacked her hand once she tried to take a look at his pass. Schroder’s story on the other hand is the complete opposite. “The woman was rude and confrontational when she told him he had too many bags,” says the child turned adult actor’s attorney. “The woman hit Ricky’s hand and his phone went flying. Ricky lunged to grab his phone and she screamed, assault!” Drop down bottom and listen to the LAX employee explain her side of the event.

(Video) Check This Out! 2 Chainz Making His Acting Debut On “2 Broke Girls” [Trailer]

Did they spell out TWO ??? February 11th 2 Chainz will make his acting debut on the television show “2 Broke Girls.” I can see him and his suave dance moves performing on the show now. This should be real interesting. Drop down bottom and check out the trailer.

Caught On Video: Teachers Drag Blind Child By Feet Charged With Child Abuse

Two teachers in New Mexico are being charge with child abuse charges. They claimed that the child refused to go to another classroom so the two of them “took” him there. They had a good relationship with the child and it wasn’t to hurt the child but to get him to listen. In the police report it stated it’s not about the relationship they might have with the child but it’s about the neglect for his safety. Take a look at the video of the two in act below: Biz Baby

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