Uber Everywhere? Uber to Pay $100 Million in Labor Suits!

We all have used Uber one way or another, whether we’ve called for it, or a friend call for it and we were just along for the ride. Either way, we all still are all pretty fond of our uber experiences. Wish we could say the same for the drivers.

Farrah Abraham Says She Was Almost Raped By Her Uber Driver

While recording her podcast, “Farrah and Friends,” Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham shared some rather tough news with listeners. She says back in January of 2015, she was almost raped by her Uber driver in Long Island.

DUI’s Have Decreased By Ten Percent With The Help Of Uber

Uber has not had the best reputation and finds itself getting bad press due to some pretty bad cases including drivers, such as one Toronto Uber driver telling a passenger to “suck his d***” before hitting her or the Michigan shooter . But it looks like the car service is making headlines for something good. According to data Uber has decreased DUI’s by 10 percent in Seattle. That’s great news! Check out the rest of this story after the jump.

(Video) Naughty By Nature Turned Down By One Uber Driver; Makes The Next Driver’s Day

New Orleans Uber driver Dale Latino got the surprise of a lifetime when his last fare of the night turned out to be his favorite rap group, Naughty By Nature. The group was in town for a stop on their 25th anniversary tour and before being picked up by Latino, they were turned down by another Uber driver. “They got in and thanked me,” he explained to the local news, the grouped believed the were turned down for being black. He added, “They were upset about the first Uber driver and I think I was able to make them feel better about New Orleans.” Latino, who was clearly a huge fan of the group was already going to the Naughty by Nature show and during the concert was pulled up on the stage by the group, who now considers him family. In a video sent to the local news the group said “He is family now. I think he shed a tear. We just told him to have fun.” Listen to the driver tell his story below.

(Video) No Ride: Uber Drivers Protest In NYC Over Price Drop

Damn homie, last year you were the ride homie(s)! Recently Uber decided to drop the price by 15% of Uber X in order to gain more ridership, but the drivers see that as pay cuts, so they have decided to protest in front of the Uber offices today in LIC(Long Island City).

(Video) Drunk Miami Doctor Attacks Uber Driver And Then Destroys His Car

Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon has just been arrested for attacking an Uber driver and then destroying his car in the Brickell area of Miami. Ramkissoon got extremely violent with the driver. She even tried to kick him in his groin but he ended up knocking her down so that she wouldnt be able to. She is now being punished for her actions.

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