Bride-To-Be Stabs Fiance With a Steak Knife Because He Refused to Clean Up After Their Engagement Party

Bridezilla to the EXTREME! A British bride-to-be got into a violent argument with her fiance and stabbed him with a steak knife because he refused to clear up after their engagement party. More details after the jump… Wendy L.

(Video) Katy Perry Plays Guitar & Performs “The One That Got Away” on UK X-Factor!

I had no idea Katy Perry could play the guitar, but she just gained a ton of points in my book! Look at her up there looking like Swifty! Hit the jump to see K-Pizzle perform “The One Who Got Away” on the UK X-Factor Results show!! Wendy L.

(Fellas Check The Pic!!) @ShayUKBombshell Is Ready For War And To Show Off Her Girls!!

Fellas check out this pic of Shay fighting combat showing her boobs!! @DJTech4

U.K. Police Arrest 5 On Slavery Charges

It’s 2011, why is this still happening?!!! Five people have been arrested in Britain on suspicion of holding two dozen men in poor conditions against their will and forcing them to work for no pay. More details after the jump… @ItsLukieBaby

McDonald’s Making Big Change in Overseas Menu

McDonalds is making a change to its overseas menu– and it’s seems like a bad but good idea LOL Hit the jump to find out what the Golden arches are up to and tell us what you think! Would you want them to do that to the menus here? @ItsLukieBaby

Prince Harry To Live In The United States For 3 Months

Prince Harry’s spokesman, Nick Loughran, told The Daily that the prince, a captain in the British Army Air Corps, @DjRellyRell

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