(Video) NBA: LeBron James Has Odd Reaction to Question About Unfollowing Cavs; Is This Why He Did It?

Twitter went crazy yesterday when it was revealed that LeBron James unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers.  There’s already been speculation that he might take his talents elsewhere again after numerous cryptic tweets and the extra time he’s been spending in Miami.  The latest move added fuel to the fire and of course he was asked about it after the Cavaliers 124-91 win over the Nuggets last night.

(Photos) NBA: LeBron James Sets Social Media on Fire After Reportedly Unfollowing Cavs on Twitter

LeBron James’ social media accounts have been under heavy scrutiny for the past couple weeks.  Issues with the team and losing games coupled with his cryptic tweets and hanging out with Dwyane Wade in Miami, have led people to think James will once again fly the coupe and take his talents elsewhere.  That speculation hit level red today as it was discovered that James unfollowed the Cavaliers on Twitter and Instagram.

NBA: Shabazz Napier Addresses The Messy Situation About Unfollowing LeBron James on Twitter

The other day we learned that Miami Heat rookie Shabazz Napier unfollowed LeBron James on Twitter and deleted tweets after LeBron announced he was leaving the Heat.  Many fans called Shabazz salty & bitter.  Well now he’s addressing the situation.  Check out what he had to say…

NBA: Salty?! Here’s What Shabazz Napier Did After LeBron Announced He’s Leaving The Heat

It looks like someone is salty — some would also say petty or bitter.  UConn’s Shabazz Napier was traded to the Heat shortly after being drafted by the Hornets in the first round of the NBA draft.  LeBron sent out a tweet saying Shabazz was one of his favorite players in the draft, so many thought it would convince LeBron to stay with the Heat (obviously it didn’t work out that way). One of Shabazz’s first follows on Twitter was LeBron & he even tweeted him a couple times.  So what did Shabazz do after it was announced that LeBron was headed back to Cleveland?!  Check it out…

Selena Gomez Ditches The Jenner Sisters & Unfollows Them On Instagram Due To Their ‘Toxic Behavior’

Pop-star Selena Gomez seems to be going through some sort of “friend cleanse” after chucking up her deuces to the Jenner sisters and giving them the boot. After their wild weekend of alcohol, drugs and Instagram flicks together during the Coachella musical festival, Gomez decided to get her life and cut out all of the negative energy. She not only unfollower both Kylie and Kendall Jenner on the ‘Gram, but she even deleted all of the pictures the young socialites took together. Word on the street is that Gomez is also starting to go to church every week. DAMN, someone looks like they’re feeling guiiilllttttyyy! I wonder what REALLY went down at Coachella for Selena to have turned cold turkey on her pals?

(Photos) No Cuffin’ For Miley?

You know the end is near, when you unfriend your boo thang on your social network sites! Amidst rumors circulating about her fiance’s cheating ways, Miley Cyrus recently stopped following Liam Hemsworth on Twitter. The couple seems to be drifting apart, the twerk captain is over seas promoting her music and the Hunger Games star has been partying it up in Toronto this past week. To read more, click below.

NBA: Kobe Bryant Explains Why He Unfollowed Dwight Howard on Twitter

A few hours after Dwight Howard announced he was going to Houston, Kobe Bryant unfollowed Dwight on Twitter … and fans noticed.  Well Kobe took to Twitter last night and explained his move.  Check out what he had to say…

UPDATE: Chris Brown & Rihanna Have Sub War; Unfollow Each Other On Twitter!

Looks like that diss was real! Following Breezy’s “Theraflu” track coming out, Rihanna immediately took to her Twitter account to say a little something. A bit later, she took to her Instagram and posted a funny picture that one can assume she aimed at her ex. Now as Ashley reported, Chris took to HIS Twitter account to respond to the chatter and BOTH have unfollowed each other on Twitter. Check out the tweets and pics below. Damn, these two are just NOT meant to be! Marisa Mendez

Tech Talk Celeb: Katy Perry Unfollows Russell Brand On Twitter

Katy Perry is not playing Mrs. Nice Ex– just take a look at her Twitter account! The pop singer has already unfollowed her ex-hubby Russell Brand on Twitter. I thought she said they were still good friends? More details after the jump! Wendy L. x +TatWZA

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