(Video) Rich Homie Quan Speaks On New Atlanta, Denies Any Health Scare Allegations And More!


Rich Homie Quan sat down with ATL’s 107.9 to discuss a few of the health rumors surrounding him, including his seizure due to alleged lean usage, as well as the new creators coming out of Atlanta. Check out the full interview!

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(Video) Lil Keke Talks Lean And Says Its ‘The Saddest Thing In The Game’


Houston native Lil Keke, has taken to his latest interview to discuss the increase and glorification of Lean usage within the Hip Hop industry. Lil Keke says many who boost of the drug do not understand the consequences. Check out the full interview, below.

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WHOA!! BBM Downloaded How Many Times In 24 Hours?!

BBM Android

Almost unbelievable since the device Blackberry is damn near extinct, but at least 1 part of the company that once was king of the smartphones shall live on!!

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WHOA!!! BBM Coming To iOS And Android Plus WHAT?!?!


Yup, Looks Like it’s True!!! Personally I think it’s BB letting go of control since they have no burn out there, and this is the beginning of making individual digital properties valuable, so when they begin this fire sale, some bigger company will buy the pieces from them, smart! I can’t front, I used to Love BBM, and when it drops for the Right OS’s, I’ll get it on Both My iPhone And Android!! Hit the Jump!!

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Tech Talk News: Got Too Many Credit Cards? The Wallaby App Tells You Which Ones To Use


Ever walk into a store & got stuck on which card to pay with? There’s a new app for that. Wallaby helps you maximize your rewards by telling which card is the right one to use at the specific point, so you can get your travel points & other things. There’s also a physical card coming early next year that you’ll be able to store all of your cards on & it will smartly choose the card to use as you swipe. More in the link.

Tat Wza

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Tech Talk News: Internet Usage Doubles In 2012


A new study shows that our intent usage has doubled this year. Surprised we shouldn’t be because with the ability to use the internet anywhere with our smart phones and tablets, this data shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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75% Of Americans Admit To Calling And Texting While On The Toilet

Approximately 75% of people take their cell phones into the bathroom with them, according to a survey by the marketing agency 11Mark. Out of 1,000 people polled, 87% of Android users admitted to talking, texting, or surfing the web while in the restroom. Click below to read the rest of the story.


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Tech Talk Stats: Nielson’s 2011 Media Report Shows Why Cable Company’s Are In Trouble???

I mean, it’s getting Close, another year(like this one) or 2, and Cable Companies will be good for Spectrum(Internet), But Hit th Jump to see for yourself.


This Shows that online is catching up, and TV’s used as ‘TV’s’ is getting close to the End, TV’s will be gaming console & Computer Monitors:

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Tech Talk Warning: AT&T Sends Text To Heavy Data User’s!!!

IF you are on AT&T, don’t forget I told you back in July, throttling was coming, and it seems text messages have already gone out to tell heavy user’s to Slow it up, before they get slow’d up! Hit the Jump!!


WZA on Google+

Apparently the person this text went to, used 11gb’s in 1 month, and the month isn’t over, now that IS heavy usage! They warned he should jump on WiFi, but next month(starting tomorrow) He’s gonna Want to use WiFi, cause he’s gonna be at a snails pace! And Apparently, Sprint is the PNLY major carrier NOT throttling, feels like IF they continue with that, they will do well for themselves!

Here’s Text From AT&T:

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