(Video) Curren$y Releasing “Pilot Talk 3” as 100 Dollar USB Drive Bundle

Some play checkers, others play chess: the latest news on the independent artist circuit is Curren$y Releasing “Pilot Talk 3” as 100 Dollar USB Drive Bundle!!! So what exactly’s the deal and what comes in the bundle???

(Video) Apple’s All New Reversible USB To Lightening Cable!

It’s the USB side that’s the winner and hopefully spawn the way USB cable are produced by all USB makers! I know from time to time I have to go ever so slowly trying to figure out which side(up or down) the USB goes, now it’s not a major time inconvenience, but still it would take 1 more thing of having to worry about off my plate!

Next Gen Power Outlet!!!

Every mobile gadget use mostly USB to charge up. All Androids and iPhones use a USB cord and adapter that plugs into a wall outlet. If you have multiple devices majority of the time you would have to use additional power outlet somewhere across the room because the adapter takes up most of the space.

Portable Media Speaker For Your Cup Holder

  Scosche is an accessory company that specializes in electronics.Headphones, chargers, USB ports, car chargers, etc. you’ll struggle to find something they don’t have. Their latest addition is for the cycling music-enthusiast, who’s hopefully wearing a camel back. This device leaves no room for a water bottle on your bike, but you’ll have your music to jam to. What started as a Scosche boomCAN Portable Media Speaker, has evolved to a larger model with more capability. Tat Wza

LEGO Minstorm EV3 Gets Major Update

If you like programming, and/or building Lego’s you’ve officially found a hobby. Lego’s very popular Mindstorm line up gets users involved, making programming easy enough for a 10-year-old to learn and master it. Their latest update comes with 6 different set ups and a ton of features programmable from the unit or accessible via USB from your computer. Photos & Video after jump !! Tat Wza

Tech Talk How To: Lock And Unlock Your Computer With Your USB Drive!!!

Check out Predeator here and hit the jump on how to lock your computer with your USB drive! Excellent way to protect files on your computer. @ShottaDru X @TatWza

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