Twitter User ‘Nichytay’ Exposed For Living Double Life.. Literally

Twitter User Exposed For Living Double Life.. Literally. Ah man, here we go again. It seems like every week its always something interesting that happens on twitter. Today it’s the exposure of twitter user “NicheTay” who had two accounts.

(Video) Vine Is Known For Funny Vids, Adult Entertainment, and Now A Rape Case?!

Vine User(and Star with 2.7M followers), Jessi Smiles accuses her Ex and fellow Vine user Curtis Lepore(who has 3.4M followers) of Rape while they were dating. This ‘she say he say’ is starting to get crazy because their followers are coming to the defense of their Fav, and death threats are happening.

Alert: Snapchat Database Has Been Leaked, Here’s How To find out IF You’re Affected!!!

The Super popular photo/video app had a vulnerability that allowed for someone to access most of the user’s, and although they knew about it, they figured it wasn’t something someone would do, but….yup, they did!

Tech Talk News: Google Wants New Search User Interface????

Google is now toying with the idea to make their searches better, and maybe changing the interface for their search engine site by adding extra features. What else can Google do to make their search engine experience better, which is considered the best by many Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Crime: Twitter Helping To Defend Occupy Protestor’s Data!!

Prosecutors in the case against Occupy protestor Malcolm Harris have hit a roadblock because Twitter refused to cooperate. Hit the jump for details on the case Twitter has filed. @ShottaDru X @TatWza

Tech Talk Apps: How Did Apple Make 5 Million Dollars In 10 Days??

Cash cow Apple just racked in big bucks this week. Hit the jump to find out how. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

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